These Are the Highest Paid Engineering Degrees

Engineering degrees are some of the most coveted today. Considering that technology is the future, it is no surprise that professionals in these fields are paid handsomely for their services.

In the past few years, the engineering jobs bubble has grown. Along with an increase in the number of talented people in the field, the number of engineering jobs has also increased.


To get a high-paying engineering job, you need a degree in the field. A specialized master’s degree increases your chances of employment and a higher salary. Here are the highest-paid engineering degrees.

These Are the Highest Paid Engineering Degrees

Computer Engineer

Software and coding have taken over the world, and most technology today is smart.  Even processes that used to be calculated manually are now automated, and programming knowledge is necessary.

You will learn those things if you study to become a computer engineer. Computer engineering degrees are some of the highest-paid degrees all over the world.


According to, the average salary for a computer engineer in the US is $93,782 per year.

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Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers work in a wide variety of industries. Industries like food and drink, oil, gas, plastics, and pharmaceuticals employ chemical engineers.


Since these industries are some of the most lucrative workplaces, chemical engineers are in high demand.

Chemical engineers are paid a lot for these reasons. According to, the average salary for a chemical engineer in the US is $87,145 annually. 

Nuclear Engineer

The world is running out of conventional sources of energy. Oil and natural gas are not unlimited resources, and scientists and engineers worldwide are trying to find a way to unleash the power of nuclear energy for the future.

For this reason, nuclear engineers are in demand all over the world. According to, the average salary for a nuclear engineer in the US is $87,105 per year. 

Big Data Engineer

Data is everything. They say that data has all your answers; you just have to figure out how to ask it properly. Big Data engineers learn to sift through large amounts of data to find answers.

For these reasons, big data engineers are among the highest-paid engineers in the world. According to, the average salary for a Big Data engineer in the United States is $116,591 per year. 

Environmental Engineer

While technology has simplified human life, it has also negatively impacted the environment. Scientists and governments worldwide agree that we need to make some serious changes to our lifestyle to keep the earth alive.

Environmental engineers are involved here as they work to make the earth a safer space and slow down the effects of pollution.

Environmental engineers are paid more than decent salaries to protect the earth and make development sustainable. According to, the average salary for an environmental engineer in the US is $88,860 per year. 

Aerospace Engineer

Since the beginning of time, man has looked up to the heavens and wondered about what they had in store. Today, we can finally figure out what lies beyond the earth.

Aerospace engineers do exactly this and are highly paid-professionals. The average salary for aerospace engineers in the US is high: According to, the average annual salary is $109,808. 

These Are the Highest Paid Engineering Degrees


Getting an engineering degree in the above fields will bring you major returns. Not only will you have a well-paid job, but you also get to work on the frontlines of advancement in some lucrative tech areas.