Job Description – How to Become a Grocery Store Manager

A grocery store manager handles a great deal of a grocery store’s business’s day-to-day activities. Regular tasks are usually sales reports, inventory management, ordering products, and customer service. 

Although they function within their designated store or department, grocery managers report to the store manager or regional manager. They can even be called on to travel to various branches of the grocery store.


Although the work can be challenging, there are various advantages to assuming the role of a grocery store manager. As you read on, you can also learn how you can get started in this career.

Job Description - How to Become a Grocery Store Manager
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Grocery Store Manager Duties

Usually, a grocery store manager has to oversee budgets, personnel, schedules, and stock, as well as several day-to-day tasks. 

A manager oversees the specific departments of a store, evaluates pricing and profitability, maintains supplier relationships, and keeps detailed records of sales.


In order to ensure strong customer and employee relations, he or she should also have dispute resolution and conflict management abilities. 

In addition, smaller grocery stores rely on managers to handle their advertisements as well as other marketing campaigns.

Grocery Store Manager Education, Training, and Skills

Employers require grocery managers to have a high school diploma or GED. Past career experience is also highly favored in management or grocery stores. Paid training for grocery managers recruited on an entry-level basis is offered. 


The curriculum of training differs by the employer and by how much experience the applicant already has. Grocery managers work closely with a training manager or regional manager during training to learn their day-to-day job duties.

Grocery managers are leaders who oversee the daily activities of the grocery store or department, discuss and fix customer concerns and supervise employees. Employers are searching for grocery managers that have the key skills below.

  • Personnel management – Grocery managers are leaders who oversee, train, recruit, and fire workers, requiring strong management skills.
  • Customer service – In a customer-oriented industry, grocery managers work, so employers search for customer service experts.
  • Physical fitness – For long hours at a time, grocery managers must stand and lift and move items.
  • Analytical thinking – To decide what work needs to be done, store managers inspect store conditions, which involves analytical skills and attention to detail.
  • Computer skills – Grocery managers work to manage inventory, staff schedules, and other store information through numerous software systems which require computer skills.
  • Communication skills – To address customers and communicate to staff, grocery managers use written and verbal communication skills.
Job Description - How to Become a Grocery Store Manager

Pay and Perks

In August 2019, the median annual income for grocery store managers was $58,360, according to 

Grocery store managers can obtain discounts on products and services provided through the store in addition to standard medical and leave benefits. 

As a grocery store manager, you also get to perfect other skills that you can use to land jobs with higher pay. Highly-sought after skills in the managerial field include communication skills as well as problem-solving skills.

If you want to go from a grocery store manager to a manager of a chain of grocery stores, you should perfect these skills. If you can perfect these skills, your salary can increase to $100,000 and more in a greater managerial role.


Job Description - How to Become a Grocery Store Manager
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In grocery stores and big-box outlets that have grocery departments, grocery store managers supervise day-to-day tasks. For all shifts, including weekends, nights, and holidays, employers at these stores recruit grocery managers full-time. 

Sometimes this job can be daunting as you have many responsibilities. But the job also comes with good pay and managerial training that you can use to find yourself an even better managerial position.