How to Apply for Film Professor Jobs

A film professor gets to wear many dıfferent hats durıng the course of his career, thanks to the creative world he lives in. Any film professor can choose to be a film history professor, scriptwriting professor, production pro, and more.  

A film professor’s job requires perseverance and dedication to the nurturing of new talent. He is the person who will conduct both lectures and workshops and help shape and inspire students.  


To apply for a job as a film professor, you need to train and add more grist to your mill with years of academic training and field experience. Here we will talk about academic requirements, salary packages, roles and responsibilities, and CV/resume. 

How to Apply for Film Professor Jobs

What Is the Typical Pay Structure?

On average, a film professor can expect to make around $63,000 per year. However, a professor with tenure in any school or a permanent position in a college or university can expect to earn more and enjoy some additional benefits. 

Added to this, the professors without tenure can get regular work outside of their employment sphere too. This can be guest lectures or training the new actors, actresses of a theatre academy, etc. 


So, the final range that you can expect to fall between is $14,500 to $157,000. 

How to Get There – Academic Journey

After high school, you must enroll in a bachelor’s program for film studies. Plus, down the line, you might also want to take up a course of the degree in education to brush up your teaching skills. 

The teaching course is essential because studying film studies opens up multiple doors for you. So, to show your seriousness and academic expertise as a film professor, you must also get an understanding of teaching and coaching. 


Secondly, undergo formal training under various masters in the field to gain practical knowledge with experience. In the film industry, experience matters as much as academia. 

When given a chance, attend workshops, extra-curricular activities related to the field, seminars, events, etc. 

Irrespective of the practical experience, you should strive to be a part of published papers, books, or show a legible background in research and development. 

What Does a Film Professor Do?

A film professor’s responsibility is to teach students about the theory side of the cinema world. There is cut-throat competition in the film industry, so you need to be adept and highly efficient in your job. 

In a school or college, you will be taking classes on film history, the theory of film making, and its practical aspects. It is up to you which specialty you want to focus on among filmmaking, acting, direction, screenwriting, and production.

Your job is to train the students and teach them everything about the backend of filmmaking. In the schools, the course is simple, and it helps make a base for higher studies. Here you might also have to judge the student’s skills in their preferred niche. 

More importantly, teachers with practical experience themselves can get better opportunities. But this does not mean that those without any credits to their names will not get work. It depends on the employer and their needs. 

Furthermore, you must learn to address both sides of the spectrum. In the classroom, you must provide the students with a supportive structure and help them better handle constructive feedback. 

How To Make a Better Film Professor CV 

An impressive CV is your window of opportunity to get noticed and make an impact. Focus on your technical and theoretical skills while making the resume. The recruiters will be looking for film theory and practical experience. 

Throughout your career, gain as much knowledge and experience as you can while updating your CV simultaneously. Try out different courses proffered by reputable institutions.

Practical skills might relate to camera operation, editing, recording sounds, studio management, and production. At the same time, you must have a deep-set understanding of films, culture, and their impact under the theoretical aspects. 

Get as many recommendation letters as you can and embellish your CV with some type of credits in your name. 

Where Are the Jobs?

Online job platforms are perfect places to land you your first job as a professor. You can check out websites like SimplyHired, Indeed, and GlassDoor, and you should also keep an eye out on LinkedIn.

How to Apply for Film Professor Jobs


Professors are incredibly valuable in a student’s career, and that’s why schools want to hire the best. That is why, make sure you keep learning, keep growing, and get more experience so you can make a major impact.