Check Out The Top Truck Driving Companies

Many businesses have funded training programs, and you can be trained and employed all at once! Truck driving companies are businesses that move freight by truck, but its primary business is retail sales. 

The benefit of working for a truck driving company is that the organization’s primary focus is your job role. Most individuals in the organization should recognize the complexities of transporting freight. 


Truck driving companies will give you a variety of routes and freight forms. Read on to learn about some of the best truck firms that you can work with!

Check Out The Top Truck Driving Companies
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This parcel delivery service is probably already recognizable to you; it’s basically a household name. Although, this shipping and logistics business uses ground transportation, it also provides air freight and carrier ships to over 200 countries. 

Since its modest origins as a messenger business in 1907, the company has evolved quite a bit, so workers can expect exceptional prospects. According to UPS, around 82% of the UPS workforce is involved in freight and package handling, operating motor vehicles, or both. 


And, of course, for part-time delivery handlers and driver helpers, there are enough seasonal jobs during the winter holiday season. That means there are plenty of work opportunities.

UPS Cover Driver Hourly Pay will vary from $20 to $27 for UPS. A UPS Driver can also enjoy fantastic health benefits, paid vacations for 2 weeks, and excellent vision and dental insurance. 


FedEx Freight road drivers bring parcels for long distances on the ground. They can drive shipments between service centers or turn-around points where they swap trailers and return home with another driver. 


Double-or triple trailers could be driven by road drivers. FedEx drivers have to keep clear records of all cargo in the shipment, in addition to usual hooking and unhooking, safety standards, and compliance with federal and state regulations. 


A group benefits package where monthly premiums are 100% charged by the organization is provided by FedEx Ground. After 90 days of service, workers are eligible for expanded health and dental coverage. Also, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to workers. 

Both package handlers and seasonal package handlers can start to accrue holiday time upon hiring. After six months of continuous operation, package handlers and seasonal package handlers will begin taking paid time off. 

Vacation time on the 15th of each month is credited. For 11 paid holidays a year, workers are liable. At FedEx Ground, there is more to life than work. 

YRC Worldwide

Throughout North America, YRC transports manufacturing, commercial and retail products. The organization puts a heavy focus on sophisticated information technology and customer service. YRC trains professional line-haul and urban drivers

For both positions, the company website notes that they are looking for applicants with a valid Class-A CDL with a hazmat endorsement. You also need verifiable driving experience of one year and 50,000 miles operating similar-type equipment. 

There is also a need for previous line-haul experience. In the United States, the YRC Freight Driver’s estimated annual salary is about $68,545, 39 percent above the national average.

ABF Freight System, Inc.

Check Out The Top Truck Driving Companies
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City drivers who are at least 21 and eligible to get a CDL are recruited by ABF. This is a local driving job that requires dock work occasionally. ABF has OTR routes as well. 

Minimum age of 25 and two years of tractor/trailer experience is the criteria for this work. ABF recruits dock workers who, on the union wage scale, will become Teamsters and get paid. 

Not all dock work is full-time, some are only casual and as-needed, but the business has a CDL training program. The average hourly wage for ABF Freight varies from around $12.96 per hour for the Logistics Supervisor to $24.41 per hour for the Truck Driver. 

For Forklift Operator, the average ABF Freight salary varies from approximately $36,000 per year to $74,174 per year for Driver.


All of the businesses on this list are well known and have solid reputations, but don’t forget that you should always do your homework when choosing the one that’s right for you. 

Company-sponsored training can be simple, convenient, and free from upfront costs, but be assured that the precise terms of the agreement are appropriate before signing up.