Impact of TV Series on Development of Essay Writing Skills

The impact of television on adults and children is quite a controversial topic. There is a common idea that watching TV can do nothing but distract you from really serious things. But what if a TV series can actually encourage the development of different skills, including writing competence?


TV series happens to be a source of information that creates various illusions such as new powers of expressions. At the same time, many people are unable to express themselves clearly by using a literate language. A TV series has a limited impact on the correct writing competence as the major idea is based on oral and visual interactions.

As a result, the situation with a TV series and their impact on the students’ ability to complete a decent academic paper remains unclear. To gain a better understanding of this phenomenon, it would make sense to analyze its positive and negative sides.

The positive effects of TV on writing competence

There is a common idea that reading is one of the core conditions for becoming a better writer. However, you surely didn’t know that watching television can be a not less effective method of improving the writing competence. Thus, watching a TV series can be useful for scriptwriters, novelists, poets, as well as writers. Here are some effects a TV series can have on your writing skills:

  • Developing the writing concept. While you are writing an essay, you must develop a concept to follow. According to it, you will build up the whole text and narrate the story. A TV series is always based on intermix between tragedy, romance, comedy, and action. This is something you can use in your writing.

  • Creating an interesting plot. A TV series is full of real and fictional stories that might give an idea of what you can write about. It’s important to evoke emotion and develop a connection with the audience through your essay.

  • Balancing the story. By applying a variety of elements, you can balance your story. This is where you can combine a good and bad thing or funny and sad events within the same context.

  • Training your imagery. While watching a TV series, you start realizing how easy it can be to describe things in a written form. If you take some time to describe the watched scene in words, you will develop or at least improve your ability to reflect on the observed things.

  • Connecting ideas. When you are writing your essay, it should consist of well-connected elements. Thus, it will be possible to follow the sequence of your ideas by going from one sentence to another and from one paragraph to another. This is what encourages your reader to keep reading.

The negative effects of TV on writing competence

Apart from good effects, there are some negative nuances of television to pay attention to. First of all, watching a TV series can be destructive as students focus mainly on the entertaining aspect of this content. Even if there are some useful things to learn, they will most likely be ignored by you. Second of all, a TV series can be full of inappropriate words, which do not suit to the essay writing competence. Instead of enriching your personal vocabulary with beautiful words, you will only learn something to be used in a casual conversation. Finally, the development of wiring skills requires constant practice through the creation of texts on different topics. While you are watching a TV series you can hardly affect this aspect of your writing competence. As long as you don’t hold a pen in your hand, you can’t take your writing skills to a new level.

The Professional Assistance to Count on

To develop any type of competence, it is important to engage all forms of perception: visual, oral, and written. The same story works for your writing competence. Before putting together your thoughts on the paper, it is good to gain an idea of what you are going to write about. And this is where a TV series can be of great value to you. Instead of staring at your computer, having no idea how to get started, you can use some ideas from the recently watched a TV series.

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