3 Easy Freelance Jobs to Try for Extra Income

With the work from home trend catching on in a big way, it is easier than ever to freelance and to pick up remote work. The digital connect has melted away geographical boundaries; the world is your oyster, literally.

You can earn from anywhere, and if you love what you do, making an extra income is a piece of cake. While the idea of BYOB (being your own boss) and working on a flexible schedule is very attractive, it is imperative to choose a vocation that is in high demand globally.


In digital freelancing, you can opt for social media management, content creation, and virtual assistant, among others. Read on further to know about these three vocations in more detail.

3 Easy Freelance Jobs to Try for Extra Income


Social Media Management

Social media management for enterprises is the skill in demand these days. Besides owned and paid media like websites and social media adverts, companies globally have come to rely heavily on earned media.


Managing how people perceive a certain product or service is the essence of brand management. That’s pretty much why Social Media Management can easily fetch you an average hourly rate in upwards of $15 depending upon your skills.

How to Apply

If you are tech-savvy and blessed with the gift of words, you can look to working as a social media manager. Hunt for job postings on LinkedIn.

Search for the #SMMJobs and check out the company profile, including their work history. While you can write a cover letter and upload your resume to apply, having an active LinkedIn profile helps you showcase your skills and expertise like a pro.


Content Writing

They say, ‘Content is the King’ whether it is a catchy advertisement on your TV screens or an informative piece of website blog. Content writers, editors, and copywriters are in high demand the world over.

The average salary of a content writer in the US is upwards of $40,000 annually.

How to Apply

It is a great idea to kick off your freelance content writing career on credible websites like Upwork. Do the pre-work, create an Upwork profile, and add your skills and experience.

To bid for a job, you will need Upwork connects that can be purchased at $0.15 per connect. If a client invites you to bid for or to interview for a job, you will not be charged any connects.

To bid for a job, all you need to do is submit your cover letter and quote the rate at which you are willing to complete the job.

All payment is via Upwork. This is reassuring since third-party adjudication is also available in case of any payment disputes.

Virtual Assistant

In today’s fast-paced world, people often wish that there were two of them so that they could get more done in a day. Well, there is a job profile that does exactly that.

A virtual assistant helps their employer by taking the mundane tasks off of their hands. They assist their employer by managing and scheduling their daily agenda.

The best part is that one can make $5 to $30, or even more, while working as a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home!

How to Apply

There are multiple online portals that advertise virtual assistant jobs; however, you should apply via a job portal only if you are comfortable sharing your personal details online.

It is better to apply directly on the company website with your resume and a well-crafted cover letter, so that you can track your application later via email.

3 Easy Freelance Jobs to Try for Extra Income


Bottom Line

If you are looking to switch careers, or wish to earn some extra money, or if freelancing is something that you have always wanted to try – this is the right time to give it a shot. Who knows, you may just find your work calling from the convenience of your couch!