5 Sites that Offer Jobs in Freelance Writing

With all the fun, frolic, and unprecedented ups and downs, freelancing is no less than a roller-coaster ride! Whether you’re a novice freelancer or an experienced professional, you have better chances of flourishing in your freelancing career when there’s regular work available.

Lucky for writers, there are many online job boards that can help them discover new opportunities from the comfort of their couches. These sites offer thousands of gigs suited to different skill levels and promise to keep their freelance voyages soaring.


This article will outline the top freelance websites that offer new writing opportunities, suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the industry.

5 Sites that Offer Jobs in Freelance Writing



Upwork is undoubtedly one of the largest global freelancing job boards, with thousands of freelance gigs posted every day. The site offers one-time, short-term, and long-term writing projects.


All you have to do is look for your ideal job posting and submit your proposal along with your work profile and quotation. The clients then choose the bidders with the best offerings and collaborate with the writer.

Upwork keeps a portion of the money you get from the client as the service fee. However, you must know it’s relatively easier for experienced freelancers to win bids than newbies. So you’ll have to be patient and position yourself strategically.


Fiverr is another popular name when it comes to freelancing platforms. On Fiverr, you’ll create a writer’s profile and wait for clients to notice you. The more attractive your Fiverr profile looks in terms of expertise and experience, the more buyers you will find.


What sets Fiverr apart from other freelance websites is that it offers free learning courses to enhance your skills and teach you how to pitch to clients. Even better, the platform allows you to change your price even during a project, should you need more time, effort, and project fee.

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One of the best freelancing sites designed specifically for the writing community, iWriter makes it easier for beginners to find various writing jobs, including online articles, case studies, tech papers, etc.

To get started, you must complete a basic application form and two short prompts (about 250 words each). You’ll be provided with several writing jobs to apply for based on their quality. Also, you improve your profile ranking by gaining experience and getting positive feedback. Top writers can earn as much as $80 per 500 words on iWriter.


Freelancer is an excellent option for those seeking long-term commitments or multiple projects. Similar to Upwork, this online job board requires writers to place bids on each project.

You will find projects in almost every writing format and niche, including copywriting, article writing, and academic writing.

That’s not all; you can find well-paid editing, proofreading, and rewriting gigs. Again, experienced writers may have an advantage in the bidding system, but you can position yourself well with patience.


Guru is a freelance marketplace with over 2,48,000 experts and clients collaborating on the platform. To start, you’ll need to create your profile and highlight your previous work.

Clients and businesses find you by searching for the skills you list on your profile and the type of content you write. What’s more, Guru allows you to list an hourly rate or fixed price for projects, thus facilitating easy onboarding and meeting payment expectations.

5 Sites that Offer Jobs in Freelance Writing



Whether you want to turn writing into a full-time career or make some extra money, these freelancing sites can help you get new clients and build your portfolio. You should choose the best platform for your requirements regarding pay and business model.