Reasons to Follow Up with a Recruiter

We all want that perfect job that guarantees both financial stability and creative expression. It should let us make the most of our talent. But how on earth do we get ourselves through the door of our dream office?

There are professionals who take care of such arrangements and they are known as recruiters. With contacts across various companies and establishments, they are a trusted and reliable source for human resource departments. 


So, if you are out job hunting, you can consider contacting a recruiter to help you land that perfect job. Getting hired is a long process, which will include handing in your CV, an interview, and probably a skills test. 

Reasons to Follow Up with a Recruiter

Through the entire process, you must stay in touch with your recruiter and follow up regularly as this will improve your chances of getting the job. Let’s take a look at the reasons to follow up with a recruiter. 

Why Should You Follow Up With a Recruiter

A recruiter plays an important role in helping you get the right job. He acts as the first contact between you and the employer and is often involved in the entire process of narrowing down to the best candidate for the vacancy. 


Here are some reasons why you should keep in touch with your recruiter regularly. 

Getting a Feedback

Once you hand in your CV or finish your interview you should inform your recruiter. He will then follow up with the employer asking him if he liked your CV or what he feels about you after the interview and if he thinks you are fit for the job. 

That’s not all; the recruiter can also put in a few good words for you at the right moment. 


Showing Interest

There will be many candidates for the job and the recruiter will be discussing their plus and negative attributes, their skills, education, and experience with the employer on a regular basis. 

You must stay in contact with the recruiter and tell him how the process is going, share how you fared at the interview, and describe how much you like the job profile. 

The recruiter should see that you are very interested and motivated in getting the job and is sure to pass that impression on to the employer.

Correcting Mistakes

Perhaps you were too nervous at the interview and froze upon hearing a certain question or you may have made a mistake in your CV and realized later. 

It is best to inform your recruiter who can speak to the employer about it. Acknowledging your mistakes can give you a chance to correct them without it being too big a deal. 

However, from the beginning, you must try and avoid any mistakes. You can always use a resume builder website to help you write the best CV in the latest format. 

Negotiating the Job Offer

The recruiter is likely to find out about the results of the job interview before you. Therefore it is essential for you to communicate with him about what you are expecting and what you are willing to settle for in terms of the offer.

 Besides your basic salary, the offer will also include perks, training, benefits, and leave. It is important to be well informed and make sure that you get the best offer. 

Reasons to Follow Up with a Recruiter

The Bottom Line

Do not think twice about contacting your recruiter and telling him that you look forward to getting the job that you want and that you are very interested in the profile. 

Talk to him about your skills and experience, sharing with him your ideas. The recruiter can do with a constant reminder that you are indeed the best candidate for the position.