How to Send Thank You Emails After Interviews

When you go for a job interview, you are competing against equally qualified candidates. You will need to be a notch above the rest. Recruiting industry experts say that  a job interview isn’t over when you walk out of the room.

In a job search, timing is everything. Your behavior after your job interview makes as much of an impression as the actual interview.  Post the interview, you should create a meaningful relationship with the recruiter by sending a note of thanks. 


You can send a thank you email, a handwritten note or even a telephone message. Most candidates are unaware of this etiquette. They simply do not bother to follow up with the recruiter. Or, if they do, their thank you notes are not up to par. 

How to Send Thank You Emails After Interviews


Thank You: Golden Words

According to HR managers, an email is the most appropriate method for a potential candidate to thank an interviewer.  More than two-thirds of interviewers surveyed say that it helps to receive a thank you message after an interview. So much so that this can impact the recruiter’s decision about hiring the candidate.


Even if you have had a telephonic interview, reach out to the recruiter to thank them for their time. A well-written thank you email could tilt the balance in your favor. What about if you were interviewed not by one person, but a hiring panel? You do not need to send separate thank you notes to every panel member. However, make sure to send a copy of the thank you email to all the members. 

Be Prompt

It is good business etiquette to send a thank you email as soon as possible after you have had your interview. If for some reason, you are unable to do so immediately, make sure that the email goes out within the first twenty-four hours.

Create A Clear Subject Line

Be aware that your interviewer is very busy. Give a clear subject line to your email. Here are some samples. 

  • Thank you, <interviewer’s name>!
  • Thank you for the interview yesterday.
  • Thank you for your time.

Make it Personal

Address the hiring manager by name in the thank you email. Also, if there are multiple rounds, it is good etiquette to send a thank you email after every round.

 Express your thanks for the time that the hiring manager took out for you. Be sincere when expressing your gratitude. 

Express your interest in working for them again in the thank you email. This is a polite and non-intrusive way of saying it, without it seeming like a persistent refrain.

Mention Specifics

Think back to any specific points that were discussed during the interview. If you can mention these with additional information in the thank you note, don’t hesitate to do so. This will show the hiring manager that you can add value to the job, if hired.

How to Send Thank You Emails After Interviews


End the Email on a Humble Note

Offer to provide more information if needed, about yourself. Also, there is no harm in gently reminding them of the response deadline. At the end of the email, thank them again. 

Sign off by writing “sincerely” or an appropriate synonym followed by your full name. Below your sign-off message, place your contact information, such as telephone number. You can add your social media or any personal website links also.  


Be sure to proofread your email draft carefully before sending it off to your job prospect. Just a few errors in grammar and sentence structure can turn the employer off. 

You can keep it short, but be sure to be precise, accurate, gracious and grammatically correct. Your perfect email can mean the difference between a welcome and a goodbye.