Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview – Learn Here

A sales interview is undoubtedly an integral part of any sales recruitment process. You would hardly find any company that would hire for a sales role without an elaborate and probing interview. 

As much as an interview is a way for the company to evaluate the candidate on various parameters, it is also a great opportunity for the candidate to clear doubts about the job role. You need to ask questions.


But what questions should a candidate ask in a sales interview? In this post, we share some really important questions that can truly impact your sales interview performance and impress the interviewer.

Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview - Learn Here


Can You Elaborate On the Culture of the Company?

The first question you can ask actually serves a dual purpose. First, it shows that you have done your homework by researching the company.


Believe us, companies are looking for this! Secondly, you get a fair insight into the company culture, work values, internal processes, and more. That way you can also decide whether the company is for you.

Your needs are just as important as the employer’s. If you can agree, it will be a win-win situation for everyone.

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What Does a Sales Representative’s Typical Day Look Like in the Organization?

Sales roles are known to be work-intensive. Therefore, it is important to understand the company’s expectations of you in the role from the beginning.

While it would be distasteful to ask about it directly, a good and subtle way to do that is to ask about a sales representative’s workday!

Will I be provided with any training on the products/services I’m supposed to sell?

This one, again, is a clever question! Most companies, you know, would have product-specific training programs for their employees. But by asking this question, you express your eagerness to learn, something that the companies very much desire.

Therefore, consider asking about the company’s training programs whenever you get an opportunity during the interview.

What Are the Various Measures of Success in the Sales Role?

Measuring success in sales is a multidimensional exercise. There can be many measures of success, such as the number of leads generated, the number of converts, cross-selling targets, and more.

Asking about the ones applicable to your role will help you better understand your job and orient you in the right direction from the beginning.

How is Performance Rewarded in the Organization?

In a typical interview for any other profile, ask about rewards, hikes, promotional aspects, etc. It is a big no. However, it works the opposite way for a sales interview.

Sales is a highly target-oriented and rewards-driven field. So if you inquire about rewards and commissions, it shows that you are willing to perform from day 1.

Are You Able to Identify Any Concerns Over My Fit For This Role?

Is There Anything I Can Do to Prepare Myself Better For It?

Now, this question can close the deal for you! Sales is a field that requires one to possess certain specific skill sets to excel.

Asking this question will make you seem humble and willing to take others’ input and improve. On a personal level, it will be good to have quick feedback.

Questions to Ask in a Sales Interview - Learn Here



Asking questions in a sales interview is a big advantage. However, you must ask only the right and relevant questions. We have provided a few that you can ask right away. Doing your due diligence will land you that job.