Here Are Some Common Technical Interview Questions

So, you landed an interview for your dream job? But have you thought of the next step? If you are interviewing for a technical job, you will be quizzed on your education, training, skillset, and on-the-job experience as well. 

Employers nowadays also look for soft skills, which include communication, working with teams, analytical and problem-solving skills. You will also most likely be quizzed on the technical tools that you have been using.


To help you sail through the interview stage, we are sharing the top technical interview questions that are asked most during interviews.

Here Are Some Common Technical Interview Questions


The interviewer can ask you about your technical certifications and how this has helped you prepare for the role. You can be asked to rate your core competencies or list out your strengths and weaknesses.

How to Respond

Mention your education, training, projects, and internships along with the tools used. List only those weaknesses that can be converted to strengths. For instance, you can say that you insist on the issue of tickets being created in thorough detail. 


This can take up valuable team time, but it is important. This is because the development team then finds it easier to debug the issues. 

Behavioral Questions

Behavioral questions pertain to your behavior in typical workplace situations. You can be asked about recent projects and your ways of working. They can ask how you have applied your technical knowledge to ensure quality. 

The interviewer might ask you to describe the production deployment process that your team follows. 


How to Respond

Describe a past situation, the requirements of the task, the action that you took, and the result of that action. Be specific as to the tools and the technology that you used. 

Situational Questions

The interviewers can give you a hypothetical situation and ask how you will solve it. They want to know if you can anticipate the challenges of the role, and can deal with those. This is again a good test of your analytical and problem-solving skills. 

They can ask how you see your role shaping up and what challenges you foresee as part of this role. Project estimation is essential for defining the business goals; the interviewer can ask you how you provide effort estimates.

How to Respond

Provide examples from your past work experience to correlate and explain how you can handle the situation successfully. Describe the technical skills that helped you solve the situation in the past

. Explain how you can leverage your tech skills and experience in the given situation. 

Questions About Tools and Technologies

The interviewer is likely to ask you about the specific technical tools that you have used. If the position is related to coding, they can ask you as to which programming languages you know. 

Be prepared for in-depth questions about development, coding, or system security, among others.

How to Respond

If you know beforehand that the position requires specific tech skills, you should upskill yourself before the interview. Be specific when mentioning your tech expertise. Provide instances of when you have used that technology in the past. 

Here Are Some Common Technical Interview Questions


It is always a good idea to relate the question asked in a technical interview with your skillset. Of course, there are going to be things that you don’t know, and that’s ok. But you should fess up, it’s better to say you don’t know rather than fake it. 

If you do not know something or do not have experience in a particular area, let them know. However, you can affirm that you will scale up fast to whatever new technology and tools they need you to have. 

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