Job Description – Active Release Therapist

If you want a career in which you can alleviate pain and help others feel good, then becoming an active release therapist might be for you. This career is one of the most satisfying and easily-attainable too. 

Whether you are just stepping into the professional arena or looking to switch jobs, a career in active release therapy is a good choice. A short training period, satisfactory remuneration, and flexible scheduling make it ideal.


On top of that, being able to help clients offers an unmatchable sense of fulfillment. If all of these things excite you, you can learn about this role and how to apply up next in this article. 

Job Description - Active Release Therapist

What Do Active Release Therapists Do? 

Active release therapists use a form of massage to alleviate pain and eliminate mobility issues for clients by breaking up adhesions. Active Release Therapy (ART) can help reduce stiffness in joints and muscles and therefore restore one’s range of motion.

Their main job is to provide 15 to 30 minutes of this therapy to each patient while adhering to professional standards. They may incorporate this with a general massage.


Apart from this, active release therapists make treatment plans for patients and monitor their progress throughout the different sessions. To do so, they must obtain, verify, and maintain documentation of the therapy provided.

Skills and Qualifications Required to Become an Active Release Therapist 

As you may have guessed already, fancy degrees do not have much value in this hands-on profession. Recruiters are happy to hire individuals with only an H.S. Diploma or GED, but they prioritize candidates with experience in the industry. 

Ideally, if you want your application to be considered, you need to have a massage or active release therapy certification. 


Moreover, active release therapists are expected to have a clear understanding of health care terminology, equipment, and modalities.

Not just that, because the job requires them to be on their feet and engage their entire body, they are required to have good physical stamina. Strong interpersonal skills are also critical for a positive customer service experience. 

How Much Do Active Release Therapists Earn? 

According to Glassdoor, a massage therapist specializing in active release therapy has the potential to earn an average annual salary of $40,881. Due to the flexible nature of this job, you can choose to choose your preferred timing and duration. 

Understandably, there is scope to earn much higher for skilled professionals who work more hours each week. A very competent active release therapist with plenty of training and certifications can earn as much as $68,000 each year. 

This is a great part-time job for students looking to make some extra cash. The hourly rates vary between $18-30/hour based on experience, but the more exciting offering is the in-house educational opportunities you will receive.

How to Apply for an Active Release Therapist Job?

If you think this is the ideal job for you, you can apply. All you have to do is scour through online job portals such as Indeed, Flexjob, and Glassdoor to find the jobs that best match your skillset. 

You can utilize the search function on these sites to find job openings that meet your specific requirements. Next, you can apply for these jobs by simply filling out some personal details on the application forms. 

Do not forget to highlight any relevant work experience. Employers in this industry would focus more on your practical expertise than your theoretical knowledge. 

Job Description - Active Release Therapist


If you are keen on finding a job that’s going to help you help others feel good, you’ll want to think about becoming an active release therapist.  

This job is a lot easier to get into than other healthcare careers, yet you still get the same job satisfaction.