How to Get Work in Remote Audio Transcription

Remote transcription jobs allow people to make easy money without any specific training. Even better; it can be an ideal career option for those who are not only detail-oriented but also able to work independently.

And with the Work From Home trend booming faster than ever before, the demand for transcriptionists has also witnessed a surge in a variety of fields, including finance, legal, education, medical, and technology.


In this article, we tell you how to apply for transcription jobs, and glance at some of the best online portals and job sites dedicated to audio transcription jobs. Let’s explore some of those.

How to Get Work in Remote Audio Transcription



TranscribeMe is easily the most popular platform to discover and apply for remote audio transcription jobs. The idea is simple. The website pays you for transcribing audio and video files into high-quality text.


It’s a rapidly growing company in a close association with a number of transcription clients from diverse domains. As a result, there’s never a dearth of job opportunities on this platform.

The best part is that TranscribeMe offers opportunities for transcribing in a number of different languages. So, no matter which language you are skilled in, it is a good idea to find an audio transcription job with TranscribeMe.


Rev is yet another perfect platform to get high-quality and diverse audio transcription jobs. An American closed captioning, subtitles, and transcription service, Rev has been developed by a team of MIT graduates to offer freelance opportunities in the transcribing industry.


Today, more than 50,000 freelancers use this avant-garde platform to serve nearly 170,000 customers worldwide. All you have to do is take a quiz and submit your transcript to exhibit your skills and adherence to Rev’s styling rules. If you’re given the green signal, you can start working right away.

So whether you want to do audio transcription as full-time remote work, or you are looking for it as side work, it’s highly likely that you will get your dream work at Rev.


If you have been trying to figure out how to apply for transcription jobs in an easy, transparent, and high-returns way, then GoTranscript might just be a perfect solution for you. GoTranscript is one of the oldest and well-established online transcription businesses out there. It has a reputation for offering high-quality audio transcription opportunities, with premium payouts.

The website pays you up to $0.60 for transcribing every minute of audio or video. In fact, the average monthly earning for remote work through the website stands at  $150, with the highest-earning of $1,215 in a month. And remember, there are no limits to how much you can earn!


SpeakWrite is another good way to apply for and get audio transcription jobs that you desire. It is a simple and neat platform where you can discover the jobs easily.

Applying for an audio transcription job with SpeakWrite requires you to meet certain criteria, fulfilling which you can become a transcriptionist with the company. There is a wide range of job listing on the website at any given point in time.

By availing these opportunities, you can do audio transcription remote work full-time, or take it up as side work.

How to Get Work in Remote Audio Transcription



Audio Transcription is one of the best forms of remote work that one can do. While there are endless job opportunities available, you get to choose your work niche more often than not, and the payouts are pretty handsome. Even better, you get the freedom of when to work, and how much to work.