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Education Online Trends

Online education has become the new face of education. Technology has indeed improved education to a great extent through online education. The traditional classroom education is being greatly replaced by online education due to its flexibility and convenience. Students anywhere in the world can now access courses from the top universities of their choice from the comfort of their homes. This is the major advantage of online education. Students are also given a choice of hybrid courses that can be completed partially online and partially offline according to their convenience. Survey reveals that nearly 50% of the universities nowadays have opted to offer online courses to their students. More than six million students have benefitted from online education. Business, Law, Nursing, Engineering and Health Sciences are few of the most opted for online courses.

Nursing courses that can be taken up online

Many factors have to be taken into account while choosing the best online nursing degrees offered by universities. Flexibility is one of the most important factors to be taken into account when it comes to an online degree. This is because most of the students who take up graduate courses in nursing are already working professionals. The credentials of the faculty, training, student engagement, services offered to the students and reputation are few of the other factors that are considered. Affordability of the institute also plays an important role in determining the ranking of the institutes. With these expectations in mind, the best online nursing courses in the USA can be ranked as:

  1. St. Xavier University

In this private institution in the US, all graduate-level classes in nursing are recorded. This lets the students access their classes as and when they can. Employment after the course is said to be 100%. It is also one of the most affordable of the online nursing courses.

  1. Medical University of South Carolina

It is a public institution. This university has more than sixteen years of experience in online education. Faculty mentorship at this university is said to be excellent.

  1. Duke University

It is a private institution. It started offering distance education courses as early as in 1995. Eighty-eight percent of the students who enroll are employed for sure.

  1. Ohio State University

This public institution holds most of its classes synchronously. This improves the interaction of the online students with the professors. This university is affordable as compared to others.

  1. John Hopkins University

It is a private institution with 100% employment rate. The university offers a faculty advisor to specifically cater to the needs of distance education students.

Engineering courses that can be taken up online

Engineering is one of the most opted for programs by students all over the world. Ranking the best online engineering degrees has to be done after a lot of research. Engagement of student, services, and technologies, affordability of the program etc. play a major role in the ranking of online engineering courses in the USA. With these in mind, these universities can be ranked as:

  1. University of California

The University of California is a public institution. It offers online labs for students. Students are given the opportunity to design the courses according to their professional needs.

  1. University of Southern California

They enroll online students with the same criteria as on-campus students. They have technology-enabled classrooms for the purpose of online education.

  1. Columbia University

They are a private institution that also provides online labs. This university has been leading in the field of online education and provides equal facilities for online and on-campus students.

  1. Pennsylvania State University

This is a public institution. They are one of the top-ranked in online education. It is one of the most affordable universities for online engineering courses.

  1. Purdue University

In this public institution, there is no differentiation between online and on-campus students. Home-works, assignments etc. are the same for both.

Benefits of Online Learning

The students who are most benefitted by online education are:

  • Working adults who want to complete their graduation or specialize in their fields while working.
  • Handicapped students who are unable to attend universities.
  • Students who want to take up courses at top universities elsewhere in the country or world for that matter.