Tribal Attorney Jobs – Learn More Here

Tribal attorney jobs are important, coveted positions in the United States of America. If you’re looking for opportunities in the field, this article is for you. A tribal attorney deals with a different set of rules than other lawyers.  

They deal with tribal law, something that regular lawyers do not usually need to deal with. Tribal attorneys usually work on issues related to tribal lands and represent Native American and Indian tribes. 


Apart from this, they also work with individuals from the aforementioned tribes and are the main counsel for matters pertaining to them. This makes the job an important niche position. Up next we’ll tell you more about this career. 

Tribal Attorney Jobs - Learn More Here


You will need to be highly-qualified to become a tribal attorney. Apart from experience and knowledge of tribal laws, you will need a law degree and a state license to practice law in your location. 

Several Native American tribes prefer that their attorney is also from a Native American tribe, so the opportunities in this field can be limited. 


You will also need a few years of experience in the field before becoming a full-time attorney. 


Tribal attorneys are well paid, and make well over $100k per year. This is because of the high level of education and qualifications needed for the role. 

According to, the average tribal attorney makes $117.6k per year. As you can see, this is a high number and shows what a coveted job this is. 



Technology has made it much easier to look for jobs in today’s day and age. If you want to work as a tribal attorney, you can easily go online and look for opportunities that suit your specifications. 

Some examples of where you should look for tribal attorney jobs are mentioned below. 

Google Jobs

Google now has its own job search engine, where it pulls results from top recruiting sites to make your search easier. Check out tribal attorney job opportunities on Google.

Indeed is one of the most popular recruiting websites in the United States. You can sort through the listed jobs easily according to their day of posting, the location, salary estimates, job type, and the amount of experience required

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Glassdoor is an excellent website for job searches, as it not only lists specific jobs according to your needs but also gives you reviews from people about how it is like to work for a particular company. 

Check out tribal attorney jobs on Glassdoor.


ZipRecruiter gives you a list of jobs based on the salary being offered and is a great option for looking for jobs in the United States. Check out tribal attorney jobs on ZipRecruiter.


With, you can get specific results for your job searches, as the website is dedicated to lawyer and attorney positions. 

The website also gives you information about the qualifications and remuneration for the job role that you have in mind. Check out tribal attorney jobs on LawCrossing.


LinkedIn needs no description, as it is the largest professional website in the world with millions of recruiters and professionals. You can find more than 200 tribal attorney jobs on the website with just a simple search. 

Check out tribal attorney jobs on LinkedIn.

Tribal Attorney Jobs - Learn More Here

The Bottom Line

Being a tribal attorney is an important job that requires different skills than other attorneys. You need to be sensitive to Native American issues and take the time to educate yourself about them. 

Then you’ve got to tackle the topic of Native American rights related to land ownership and management. There is always a need for more good attorneys to help in this unique area of law in the U.S.