How to Become a Work Accident Lawyer – A Brief Guide

Workplace injuries are more common than we believe. Filing for damages and getting the due compensation in such cases can be a very long, complicated, and tedious process. 

A study has shown that more than 5000 people died from a work-related injury in the United States in 2018 alone. Occupations that involve manual labor are usually more prone to such accidents. 


For example, workers who are employed on construction sites and oil rigs have a much higher chance of getting injured or killed during their job compared to other occupations. A work accident lawyer can help folks in these situations.


How to Become a Work Accident Lawyer - A Brief Guide

A work accident lawyer is someone who deals specifically in such cases. Companies usually have conditions in place in the event of such occurrences, but most of them try to find loopholes in the system so that they don’t have to pay up. 


This is where work accident lawyers come into the picture. In this article, we have outlined the options, pay, and jobs related to work accident lawyers. 


It should be clear from the job title that if you want to become a work accident lawyer requires you to get a law degree. You don’t need a specific undergraduate degree to go to law school.

However, a business undergraduate degree which helps you get acquainted with the State’s Workers’ Compensation Laws would be a good idea if you want to become a work accident lawyer.  


Many lawyers hold degrees in unrelated topics like English, History, and Political Science, which makes it clear that your previous background does not affect your law school career much. 

Law School will be three years of full-time education, and you will be required to go through licensing procedures after you complete it. In the United States, you need to pass the multistate bar examination. 

You will also need to pass the state-wide licensing measures. An example of this is the New York Bar Exam


Like all lawyers, work injury lawyers make a comfortable living and are paid a lot more than average in the United States. As of July 2020, suggests that salaries for these lawyers typically range between $71,204 to $94,158 annually. 

The average salary for these lawyers is $81,977. As you can see, these salaries are pretty high, and work accident lawyers fall on the higher side of the lawyer pay spectrum. 


If you have the necessary qualifications and experience mentioned in this article, you can find several options online to work as a work injury lawyer. 

Google Jobs

Google now has its own dedicated job search engine, which pulls the best jobs from reliable sources like LinkedIn. Check out Work Accident Lawyer Jobs from Google Jobs.

Indeed is one of the biggest platforms for recruiters and potential employees in the United States. You can filter these jobs based on location, experience, and pay. Check out Work Accident Lawyer Jobs on Indeed.

Private firms

Your best bet when it comes to looking for Work Accident Lawyer jobs is to |apply to private firms on their proprietary websites. 

Several firms like Krutch Lindell Bingham Jones, Edgar Snyder and Associates, and Weitz & Luxembourg post openings on their websites.

How to Become a Work Accident Lawyer - A Brief Guide

The Bottom Line

Considering the high number of injuries and deaths that happen on work sites on an almost regular basis in the United States, work accident lawyers are a necessity in the marketplace today. 

Injuries can cause people to lose their means of livelihood, so workers need someone like you who can stand up for them and get them the compensation that they deserve.