Corporate Banking Analyst – Job Description

Are you looking for a rewarding career option in the banking sector? Then, you might want to consider a corporate banking analyst job. It is a challenging job, but the rewards are plenty.

Companies heavily compensate corporate banking analysts for their valuable contributions. f you can acquire in-depth knowledge and specialize as an analyst, you too can soon become an invaluable asset to the company. 


So, what is it that corporate banking analysts do? From risk assessments to relationship building, they have a lot of things to do. In this article, you will learn all about the job duties of a corporate banking analyst.

Corporate Banking Analyst - Job Description

What Do Corporate Banking Analysts Do?

As a core part of the relationship team, corporate banking analysts advise corporate banking clients regarding financing and executing banking activities. 

They generate insights and perform financial and non-financial analyses to assess credit risks to lending money. They identify prospective clients and help create a structure for credit facilities to meet the clients’ needs.  


Furthermore, corporate banking analysts are expected to communicate their findings to relevant stakeholders by creating and presenting a range of financial models. The job involves ensuring prospective borrowers are worth the loan. 

While they perform extensive background checks and analyze the credit-worthiness of the borrower, they also pay close attention to the needs of the bank’s existing clientele. 

Skills and Qualifications Required to Become a Corporate Banking Analyst

Corporate banking analysts are basically corporate banking relationship managers. There is no doubt that the job is a technical one, but you cannot succeed in this profession without relationship and networking skills. 


The most important requirement for this job is the candidate’s financial knowledge. Also having a bachelor’s degree in a related field can help prove your technical understanding.

Additionally, employers appreciate a few years of management experience as it means you have a good understanding of the market. Skills that may strengthen your application include risk-assessment and problem-solving skills.

Those skills can help you tackle the spontaneous nature of the job. Finally, interpersonal skills cannot be ignored as corporate banking analysts are required to maintain relationships and have a strong network.

How Much Do Corporate Banking Analysts Earn? 

As you may have guessed already, corporate banking analysts are compensated fairly well for their valuable input. According to Glassdoor, the annual average salary of a corporate banking analyst is $86,643. 

Of course, as the demand for the job changes from place to place, the salary varies. In San Francisco, for example, the average salary for corporate banking analysts is $102,108 per year. 

According to ZipRecruiter, a highly-skilled corporate banking analyst in San Francisco can earn as much as $224,770 annually. This makes the job very lucrative for a candidate with the right skillset and multiple years of experience. 

How to Apply for a Corporate Banking Analyst’s Job

If you think you are a good fit for this position, then you are ready to apply for this lucrative position. Thanks to technological advancement, you can initiate a hassle-free application process over the internet.

Aspiring corporate banking analysts can begin their job search from online job portals such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Not only do these sites feature hundreds of jobs for you to choose from, but they also feature an overview of the job.

What’s more? You can filter your search to get a list of job openings that meet your exact requirements. 

So, you can utilize the filter function to get a list of corporate banking analyst jobs that are in a location near you and match your salary expectations. 

Corporate Banking Analyst - Job Description


As with all corporate jobs, becoming a corporate banking analyst requires dedication and hard work. If you have what it takes, you can work on polishing related skills and apply for job openings in your area.