Check Out These Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2020

Free-style working hours, additional leaves, bean bags, pantries lush with goodies and snacks, and much more. What does this bring to your mind? All these are the traits of the tech companies which have been steadfast even during the pandemic. 

Not only these companies attract employees with their work culture and perks, but the monetary competition can also give organizations in other sectors a run for their money. So, when you think about working for a tech company, several names come to mind. 


Chances are you might have missed a few names, and that is where we come in. Listed below are the top-rated tech companies that provide a superlative workplace, calculable growth opportunities, and future-ready roles. 

Check Out These Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2020


The marketing giant, HubSpot, has gained a lot of accolades for its unique company culture and unique environment. The employees here are valued for innovative and creative insights. 

HubSpot does not believe in micromanaging the employees. The employees are free to set their day to day work routine, working simultaneously to accomplish a bigger goal. 


Average Salary: $81,124


DocuSign is referred to as a big family thriving to help each other become the best version of themselves. DocuSign helps companies be future-ready and admire all the aspects of digital transformation. 

The best part about working here is the unanimous cultural cohesiveness and tone across all the hierarchical levels of the organization. The existing employees of DocuSign consider it as a place that has redefined the concept of empowerment. 


Average Salary: $82488


Well, this does not need an explanation. Google offers three meals a day to its employees at no cost. The tech giant, which is the dream workplace of most professionals, has some of the best office settings in the world. 

All the employees at Google are given free personal and work-related travel insurance. Lastly, Google’s belief system that happier and healthier employees boast better productivity and nurture creativity spearhead their employee welfare policies. 

Average Salary: $116673


For all the tech-savvy engineers and computer geeks, Nvidia is one of the greatest places to work. Its Parental Policies, Health Navigator policy powered by health experts at Stanford, and Employee Stock Purchase Plans are just a glimpse of the benefits of working here. 

Culturally speaking, Nvidia is a diverse workplace, which ensures that every employee has a voice and everyone is welcome. The apex technology firm has now also ventured into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve the problems of the future. 

Average Salary: $115137


Mark Zuckerberg’s transformative leadership styles make working at Facebook mentally and physically challenging. But, you won’t be alone in tackling those challenges. Facebook’s work ecosystem is supportive of each other. 

The weekly Q&A sessions by Zuckerberg, to coining names for every meeting, and vending machines for keyboards, mouse, and other smaller accessories, Facebook is a paradise for techies. 

Average Salary: $121685


Salesforce is one of the best places to work for technical Generation Z. Those who are already working are reaping the fruits of a flexible and highly mobile workplace. 

That’s not all; the constructive feedback showered by the leaders and mentors helps an employee not only grow but also outdo themselves in every leg of their life. 

A company that is high on its philanthropic spirits and aims to create a work-life balance, Salesforce holds a prominent place at the table of most desirable tech companies to work. 

Average Salary: $80,000

Check Out These Best Tech Companies to Work for in 2020

The Bottom Line

Working in any of these tech companies will certainly help your professional standing taking it to the next level. Of course, working in it is going to be taxing, but if you have the zeal to succeed, these tech companies will be your launchpad to success.