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Dear students Download CCC Books Pdf online for your NIELIT exam. This update is to inform the candidates that they can obtain NIELIT CCC Study Material in Hindi for their Course on Computer Concepts exam. The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology conducts monthly tests for different level computer literacy programmes, and it is significant to all the participants to secure good grades in their certification exams.

CCC Books pdf

This news is also helpful to the aspirants, who have registered for their various certifications such as Basic Computer Course, O-Level, A-Level, C-Level, and others. The government-approved society was formerly known as DOEACC and offers the basic as well advanced level computer education to the young generation of this emerging country. To get qualified for the examinations, it is essential for all the candidates to perform well in the exam with full preparation. Thus, the CCC Study Material PDF comes in handy here.

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CCC Study Material in Hindi

Kindly, read here and follow the official reference to study for these examinations. Find which CCC Preparation Books pdf are useful to get you better scores on the board. There are various certification programmes as per the individual’s and professionals’ requirement. Here in the following segments, the list of sorted books and study reference is available for all the learners and achievers. Find the best book and also avail a sample test based on the previous years’ examinations after checking ccc study material.

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Doeacc ccc study material pdf

Details About NIELIT CCC Books Pdf Online
Examination Authority  National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology /
Certificate Courses CCC, O-Level, A-Level, B-Level, C-Level, and others
Examination Time Every Month
CCC Study Material Available

NIELIT CCC Preparation Books pdf in Hindi

Let us find out which books should you choose and study to clear your exams. The listed books are arranged in a table specified with featured authors and prices. Along with the names and their respective authors, a short description is also mentioned in addition to that.


NIELIT CCC Previous Years Paper Sample Quiz

Q1. In which menu Spelling command appears

(A) Tools

(B) Windows


(C) Edit

(D) None of the above


Q2. A right-click on the Windows desktop itself will _____.

(A) Open the Display Properties dialog box

(B) Show a context-sensitive menu

(C) Open the Control Panel

(D) Minimize all open applications


Q3. “When numbers are typed inside a cell, the default alignment is:”

(A) Left-aligned

(B) Center-aligned

(C) Right-aligned

(D) Justified


Q4. Cell address A$4 in a formula means it is a

(A) Relative cell reference

(B) Absolute cell reference

(C) Mixed cell reference

(D) All of the above


Q5. When you create a chart on a separate sheet in the same workbook, it is called a

(A) Chart sheet

(B) Embedded chart

(C) View sheet

(D) View chart


Q6. Page break command of Excel on the Insert menu will result in insertion of page break

(A) above the selected row

(B) Below the selected row

(C) Middle of the selected row

(D) None of the above


Q7. To print a specific area in Excel

(A) Set print area from File menu

(B) Set print area from Page Setup dialog box

(C) Both a and b above

(D) None of the above


Q8. Pressing _____ is a quick way to cycle between open program windows.


(A) Alt+Tab

(B) Ctrl+Tab

(C) Shift+Tab

(D) Shift+Alt


Q9. The AutoContent Wizard creates _____.

(A) A new blank presentation with an attractive background and fonts

(B) A new presentation with sample slides with suggestions for what information should be included

(C) A new look for an existing presentation

(D) A new template for future use


Q10. “In PowerPoint, slide sorter command is found under which menu?”

(A) File

(B) Tools

(C) View

(D) Edit


Q11. The primary goal for your slide design should be _____.

(A) To attract the eyes of your audience

(B) To coordinate with your company logo and color scheme

(C) To make the information easy to read

(D) To make the slides interesting and even exciting


Q12. “In Excel, shortcut fill menu contain.”

(A) Fill weekdays

(B) Fill series

(C) (a) and (b)

(D) None of these


Q13. Alignment buttons are available on the _____ toolbar.

(A) Status bar

(B) Formatting toolbar

(C) Standard toolbar

(D) None of these


Q14. Paste Special dialog box of Excel contains _____ options for

(A) Characteristics

(B) Formats Formulas

(C) Values

(D) All of the above


Q15. “Actions buttons can be inserted in the slide, by Action Button command of”

(A) View Menu

(B) Insert Menu

(C) Slideshow Menu

(D) None of the above


Q16. “If you import data and want to update the slide when the original data changes, you must _____.”

(A) Embed the data

(B) Link the data

(C) Insert the data as an object

(D) Break the link


Q17. Following is a type of PowerPoint Slide Show option

(A) Presented by the speaker

(B) Browsed by an individual

(C) Browsed at a kiosk

(D) All of the above


Q18. The first network that planted the seeds of the Internet was:


(B) NSFnet

(C) Vnet

(D) Inet


Q19. “For a small Web site, one needs to buy space from the”

(A) Network administrator

(B) Telephone exchange


(D) None of the above


Q20. The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:

(A) Netscape

(B) Veronica

(C) Mosaic

  1. D) Lynx

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ccc books pdf

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