5 Renewable Energy Jobs to Try in 2020

Are you passionate about green energy? If you want to do what you love, and also earn a big paycheck, look no further! The renewable energy industry offers lucrative green jobs you can be proud of, while also protecting the planet.

With the right education and training, you can make a fine career in solar or wind power. Both of these can set you on an exciting and fulfilling professional path, but these are not your only options. 


Renewable energy jobs are booming right now, and a world of options awaits you. In this article, you can learn about 5 green energy career choices you can choose from. 

5 Renewable Energy Jobs to Try in 2020

Solar Installers 

The main tasks of a Solar Photovoltaic Installer include assembling, installing, and maintaining solar panels. Motivated individuals with an engineering degree can avail many of the learning opportunities this job can offer. 

Solar Installers earn an average annual compensation of $42,680. While this is a good role for an engineer with solar experience, it is also ideal for beginners in the renewable industry as they can progress to senior roles later. 


Thanks to the advanced era of technology, finding local solar installer jobs is very easy now. To apply, you can scour through job posts on renowned company websites, and also look through online job portals such as Indeed and Glassdoor

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind Turbine Technicians inspect, diagnose, repair, and adjust wind turbines. Due to the immediate nature of this role, candidates are expected to have an associate’s degree or certificate from technician school. 

The average annual salary one can earn as a wind turbine technician is $54,370. If you have prior experience in the field, you can negotiate a higher salary. 


Detail-oriented individuals with physical stamina and mechanical and troubleshooting skills are a good fit for this role. If you meet all the criteria, you too can apply online for this position.

Urban Planner

Urban Planners with renewable energy skills have scope to work in green construction companies. They develop engineering plans for the use of physical facilities to support sustainable development. 

Applicants are expected to have an accredited graduate degree in Architecture or Urban Planning. Strong analytic ability and design visualization ability are also basic requirements. 

Professionals can earn an annual average remuneration of $73,050. If you too are interested in making cities energy efficient, keep a lookout for job openings both online and offline. 

Renewable Energy Project Engineers

Renewable-energy companies often hire civil engineers. The engineers help plan, design, and oversee construction and maintenance work on site.

The basic requirement for this role is a relevant bachelor’s degree, but many companies seek candidates with a graduate degree. 

In addition to project management skills, recruiters look for decision-making and leadership skills in aspiring renewable-energy project engineers. 

The job role offers an annual remuneration of $86,640 on average. To get an interview, you can send your resume and apply online. 

Renewable Energy Sales Agent

Much like any other sales job, renewable energy sales agents promote green renewable products. They encourage sales of products at special events and various other direct marketing tactics. 

Ambitious individuals who have a relevant bachelor’s degree can apply for this position. Negotiation and presentation skills are essential qualifiers for this role. 

The annual income of sales agents varies between $41,000 to $98,000 based on company and expertise. You can look for relevant job openings on the web to apply as a renewable energy sales agent. 

5 Renewable Energy Jobs to Try in 2020

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a green job, there are a plethora of roles in the renewable energy industry for you to choose from. With the right skill set, you can land a job that is not only financially rewarding but also emotionally fulfilling.