5 Written Exam Preparation Exercises – Best Guide Here

Every student in college is bound to have a mountain of written assessment tests at some point in their academic career. Written tests may be mostly employed to determine a person’s potential for a job further. For students, essays, paperwork, and written exams are a part of the academic schedule.


These written assessments are composed of many different tests and depend upon the institution’s requirements. Daunting as they might be, everyone strives to ace these written tests. For the preparation of such writing tests, there are many platforms available on the internet that provide plenty of writing test examples, where you can practice and enhance your skills.

Written Exam Preparation Sources

For written exam preparation, you will need to put in hours of practice. Fortunately, the internet contains many sources with credible materials. Students look for cheap sources to help them in their essays and papers. Time is incredibly limited, and a load of college assignments leaves little space for extra practice.

With a plethora of websites, you can access multiple written exercises that also provide cheap writing examples and format sample services garnered towards your subjects. Some websites provide services where you can see example essays, papers, and dissertations for a certain price. This will help you significantly in your writing assignments.


Apart from written examples, you can also pay a nominal price online to take online tests. These websites are specifically created to cater to the needs of students who are struggling in school. If you have a take-home exam, you can hire writers online that can write your essay for you. But, if you have to go and take your exam in person, this option is of little help.

Exercises For Written Exam Preparation

A written test can have many different formats. In college, you will need to write many essays or may have answer-question format exams. To prepare for your exam, you will need to practice different exercises that are geared towards your exam’s format.

This article will provide you with different exercises to use when preparing for a written exam. Here are five of our top picks!


Essay Exercises

Essay exams are a crucial assessment component used by all higher education institutions to evaluate a student’s writing skills. Good essays explain all your ideas in an organized manner. Usually, you’re given a title on which you need to write, but sometimes you’ll have to come up with one yourself.

One of the most common errors many students make in an essay is plagiarizing. All students use the internet to research, but when using information from online sources, you must cite your source. There are many tips online that’ll show you how to submit a paper free of plagiarism. Various open-access blogs will help you.

Problem-Based or Case Study Exercises

Problem-based exercises aim to test your analytical and problem-solving skills. For problem-based exercises, you must have prior knowledge regarding the subject of the problem. Research can also help you enhance your analytical skills. Extensive practice can also help you tremendously when it comes to tackling these problems.

Case studies have a similar questioning method, with minor differences in the approach and answer style. Some case study exercises provide you with additional information in the form of graphs. For this kind of exercise, you will have to write answers pertaining to the given information along with the solution to the problem.

Formal Writing Exercises

While essay exercises have diverse topics – ranging from casual and personal to critical and descriptive, formal writing is typically restricted to certain topics. It requires an entirely formal language style. Formal writing exercises involve sophisticated vocabulary, passive voice, and advanced grammar.

This type of writing exercise includes professional and editorial letters, business writing, and research proposals. Formal writing exercises equip students with proficiency and professionalism. With practice, you can write objectively and with precision.

When it comes to formal writing, many people struggle to research or don’t have the right sources to do so. In these circumstances, it can be tough to write a good paper, and you may be thinking, ‘I need someone to write my paper for me.’ Luckily, you can pay for your paper to be written from online websites and companies.

Visual Writing Exercises

In many certification exams, such as the IELTS, candidates are asked to describe the visual given in a piece of descriptive writing in their own words. There may also be visual information in this exercise, in the form of diagrams, graphs, and charts.

To excel in a visual writing exam, you should use descriptive writing resources. These preparation exercises will include improving vocabulary, to develop a solid foundation for your written exam.

In-Tray Written Exercises

An in-tray written exercise is practiced at a professional level and during higher education. In this exercise, you’re presented with a specific job-related scenario, accompanied by a list of related tasks, including telephone calls, emails, complaints, and reports. You are then asked to organize the tasks in sequence and complete them with answers supporting your choice.

In-tray written exercises can help you get ready for life in the corporate world.  These exercises help you develop your analytical and problem-solving skills together. They force you to analyze different situations and place yourself in the feet of someone with a corporate job.


We know that written exams can be difficult to complete, given the limited time duration of the exam. Luckily, there are many written exam preparation exercises available on the internet. You can take online classes and courses or do simple exercises to improve your writing skills. With a lot of practice and hard work, you can confidently take your exams without any worry.