What will be a good score for SSC CGL Tier-I exam How to achieve it?

What will be a good score for SSC CGL Tier-I

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is a government board which conducts graduate level (CGL) examinations to provide jobs in government sectors throughout India. Anyone desirous of doing the prestigious government jobs with its numerous lucrative perks should definitely give this exam a try. You need to have a graduate level degree from any stream to be eligible for this exam. To give your SSC CGL preparation an appropriate start, it is very important that you have the complete knowledge of SSC CGL exam pattern and syllabus. Every year, thousands of students aspire to crack SSC CGL exam. But out of these thousand students, there are only a handful of meticulous students who get such jobs.What will be a good score for SSC CGL Tier-I exam

Today we have talked about what will be the good score in SSC CGL tier 1 exam and how to score it? Dedication, struggle, hard work altogether is needed to work towards success. Clearing the cutoff in tier 1 should not be the primary aim of the aspirant. They should aim at scoring maximum marks in tier 1. A good score, making them safe in tier 1 is around 150+ out of 200. Now the question arises, ‘how to score 150+?’


First of all, let’s focus on the section wise division of marks to score 150+ marks in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam.

Logical Reasoning 45+
Quantitative Ability 40+
General Knowledge 30+
General English 35+
Total 150+

Now we will focus on some important tips which can help aspirants to score 150+ marks in SSC CGL Tier-I exam. These are as follows: 

Right strategy

Since there is no sectional cutoff in SSC CGL exam. So, candidates should start with their most well-prepared section in the test. They should try to attempt as many questions as possible with 100% accuracy from that section. After that, they should move on to other sections as per the level of their exam preparation.


Know the syllabus and pattern of SSC CGL Tier 1

Many candidates start preparing for the exam without knowing SSC CGL syllabus and pattern. Well, this accounts for a big silly mistake. Some candidates just focus on completing the study material without knowing changes in syllabus and pattern. By being unaware of the changes, they waste their time in learning the useless material, whereas important things are missed out. So, a proper idea of syllabus, exam pattern and rules should be at the tip of the candidates.

Do not refer to too many study material

Too many options often confuse us. If a candidate is referring to too much study material, then they may end up studying one topic from many books. This will obviously confuse them. Secondly, they will not have time to study other topics as they would be stuck on a single topic for too long. So, avoid it.

Regular practice

In SSC CGL Exams, doing regular practice has more Weightage than making notes. Practice makes the man perfect and here practice can make your score perfect nearing to 150+. So, indulge in daily practice and make a schedule for so.


The art of time management

Yes, there is no use of crying over a spilled milk. If a candidate does not manage his/her time well in an exam, then all their preparation and hard work will go in vain. Therefore, learn to manage your time well.

Online Mock Test

Needless to say, without giving online mock tests, you can never crack the exam. These mock tests first make you habitual of online mode of exam. Secondly, you get to know your weaknesses and strengths. So, candidates should analyze their performance in the mock tests. So, practice one or two online mock test daily.

Now, we will focus on scoring desired marks in individual sections.

30+ Score in GK Section in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

Candidates should score 30+ marks in GK section. There are 25 questions in this section out of which you can easily score 30 marks by attempting 15 questions correctly. This will require your 6-8 minutes only. Go through the current affairs and basic concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. Get your facts clear about history, geography, economics and polity. Only general knowledge about these topics can help you score 30+. Read newspaper daily and refer to books like Lucent. That will be enough.

45+ score in Reasoning in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

A little awareness of mind and sharp logical and analytical ability can get you 45+ marks here. There are 25 questions in this section out of which you can easily score 45+ marks by attempting 22 questions on an average correctly. Candidates should practice different topics from this section on a daily basis. Questions from blood relations, dice, Venn diagram, mirror images, matrix are easy. So, better focus on statement questions, number series, alphabetic series, coded words and puzzles. This section can give you an edge over other candidates.

40+ score in Quantitative Aptitude in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

It is very important to score 40 or above marks in this section. A score below 40 can put your chance of clearing the cutoff at risk. There are 25 questions in this section out of which you can easily score 40+ marks by attempting 20 questions correctly. Candidates should know all the basic concepts of 10+ level mathematics. Other than basic concepts they should be adept at the use of shortcuts and tricks for the various topics of this section. Daily practice of this section is the most important point to score 40+ here. If you cannot solve a particular question, then move on to next rather than wasting your time on that one. So, daily practice and clear basics are very essential to score better in this section.

35+ score in English Comprehension in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam

There are 25 questions in this section out of which you can easily score 35+ marks by attempting 17-18 questions on an average correctly. This section requires time and patience. Learn all the rules of grammar from good books like Wren and Martin. Read newspaper to improve your vocabulary on daily basis. Write word meanings, their synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases and read them before bedtime and in the early morning. This will sufficiently improve your English and help you score 35+ in an exam.

Prepare these guidelines properly and you will surely succeed in cracking the exam.

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