Oppo F9 Pro: The Unique Notch with Unique Styling, worth the money?

Notches is something that is looting the world with its unique appearance. Notches make the screen look better, and makes the company achieve the great screen to body ratio on the front. BBK Electronics in 2018 have been experimenting with the hidden cameras and now this time with their sub brand Oppo they launched the Oppo F9 Pro which comes with the unique teardrop shaped notch. Let us discuss about the specifications of the phone in a whole and see if the unique notch does enough to make you grab one for 24,000 INR.

Oppo had a delicious past with Mediatek as most of the devices used to rock the chips coming from them. This device from Oppo comes with the Helio P60 which is their top of the line performance chip, this makes the phone to offer the best in class performance. Although there are applications which doesn’t have such great optimization, still gaming and multitasking with the phone can be real joy. Apart from performance we have some really


VOOC Charging

So this is something that you must have seen since Oppo Find 7, which was a great phone and came with a really fast charging, and Oppo have included the same in the Oppo F9 Pro, this will enable you to talk for more than 2 hours with just 10 minutes of charging, this technology is same as OnePlus’s Dash Charging which was derived from VOOC Charge tech only.

Drop Notch Full View Display

It’s the all new tradition in the mobile phone department to create a notch on the display which will be utilized for the sensors and other components, and this is done in favor to access more and more amount of screen to body ratio, this time Oppo F9 pro comes with a tear drop shaped cut out, this makes the device look interesting and much better than the other devices in the market.

Camera: the best in Oppo

So Oppo devices have been known to have the best in class camera, and same goes with the Oppo F9 Pro, this comes with a dual camera setup at the back, and a single 25MP camera on the front. All in coordination with each other gives the best in class camera that you must be wondering for. The pictures from the phone are quite good, and for sure you will have a nice time clicking the pictures with the smartphone.Oppo F9 Pro


Oppo have always been the master in selfies, and price to performance ratio especially in the camera department, and like always styling and camera works in favor of the Oppo F9 Pro. Other features of the phone include 3500 mAh battery, 6Gigs of RAM and 64 GB of Internal Storage which works in favor for the performance of the device. What do you think about the Oppo F9Pro do let us know in the comment section below, and also comment if you are interested in taking the phone with you home for the price tag of 23,990 INR.