Two Fashion Apparel Starter Businesses For Sale Below $250!

Do you have a passion for fashion? Then, why not buy one of these two fashion apparel starter business for sale, both under $250? Get them and design them according to your style, make these readymade businesses thrive.

Two Fashion and Apparel Starter Business for Sale

If you are looking for a small business to buy and make it your own, choose the type of business you will be interested in. If you like clothes and fashion, you can’t go wrong buying one of these two fashion starter business for sale at the Shopify Exchange Marketplace.


These two fashion business have generated revenue of under $100, but that is due to reasons like lack of business skills, lack of knowledge about online marketing techniques etc. The main advantage to buying one of these businesses is that you will be getting a ready to start store on Shopify, with the apps and extensions in place that are appropriate for the apparels and accessories being sold.


1KPINK is set up to sell different types of products – small collections of apparel, accessories, hobby kits and tools, beauty aids and tools, jewelry and other items. These products are mainly aimed at young women. The products are presented as new, unique and attractive. The shop also offers items like mobile phone covers, backpacks and pet beds.



Time to Spend: Around 10 hours per week

The business is being offered for sale because the current owner feels that she does not have the online marketing knowledge to make this business a success. She started this shop as she had previous experience in retail, working in a brick & mortar store She thought she could apply skills learnt there to run an online store.

She designed and setup this shop, selected products to sell, found the suppliers using Oberlo and started to sell, using Facebook ads. She created product videos to use for Facebook ads, and did successfully generate some sales. But the shop was not growing as she expected. So, realising that may be she did not have the skills as yet for running an ecommerce site and make it a successful business, she has decided to sell it.


The seller has customised an attractive template that suits the product theme of the stores and it runs smoothly, so you already have the basic store ready to go. Using the Oberlo extension nd creating an Aliexpress account, the buyer can start loading products on to the site and start selling All it needs is good online marketing, and the seller suggest using Facebook ads, as she was able to generate sales through these even with her limited skills.

The sale includes the Website, Domain Name, Logo and Branding Assets, Social Media Accounts with 130 subscribers to start with, and Personal after-sales Support for some time

Lofty Looks

Lofty Looks was started with the aim of offering new styles at affordable prices. The business was started by a college student a few months back and quickly generated sales by focusing on a small set of categories in mens and womens clothes. This Shopify store is a dropshipping business, using Oberlo and AliExpress.

Lofty Looks

The seller began from scratch to setup the site. A good theme was used and modified to suit the business. Oberlo addon and AliExpress account were used to find, source and offer products for sale While selecting the products, care was taken to choose the best fashion apparels that could be offered at affordable prices.

The shop has focused on selling products that will be in high demand always, and so, even while keeping profit margins low, a good entrepreneur with the necessary online marketing skills can generate huge volumes of sale. Product offerings include mens shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and shoes, women’s tops, pants, dresses, and shoes, and baseball hats. The buyer can add more products in these categories and expand the product categories to offer more choices in apparels and accessories.

The sale includes the Shopify Store, Domain, Product photos, Logo and Branding Assets, Social Media Accounts, and Personal Support after sale. The business has a presence on Facebook and Instagram, and this can be taken further by the new owner to generate traffic and sales for the website. At under $200, this fashion apparel starter business for sale is a good opportunity to buy a readymade store and start focusing on marketing, adding more products, and building customer relationship to boost sales.

The low prices make these starter shops easy to buy, and you can then focus on finding and sourcing new products, connecting with customers using the already existing social media accounts, and using your marketing skills to convert these starter stores into profitable ventures.

Check out these starter business for sale now at the Shopify ExchangeMarketplace. Shopify ExchangeMarketplace makes it easy for buyers and sellers to connect, to negotiate and process the transaction by offering services ie escrow services and rovong migration support.