Top 5 most interesting engineering specialties

Interesting Engineering Specialties

Engineering has a vast number of specialties. But still, if you are writing an engineering essay or pursuing a degree in engineering, you still need to know which field of engineering is the most interesting.

But how can you determine this? You need to look at the job prospects, nature of work, compensation to know which to classify as the most interesting.


Let’s look at some of the most exciting engineering specialties out there.

interesting engineering specialties

  1. Computer engineering

Computer engineering is a broad field with diverse specialties. Plus the advancements the area has recorded for the last few decades surpasses many other engineering fields.


Also, most of the top companies in the world with the highest value, job opportunities, either private or publicly owned are tech companies. However, computer engineering specialties include software engineering, hardware engineering and robotics engineering, web design, mobile application, among others.

  1. Civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the engineering fields that do not require much introduction. It is as one of the oldest fields familiar to even non-engineering students.

However, civil engineering specialties are also among the most exciting engineering fields for obvious reasons. These include the nature of work, compensation and the reputation engineer in this field holds. Example of civil engineering specialties includes architectural engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, and transport engineering.

  1. Petroleum engineering

If you are wondering why petroleum engineering is also part of this list, then the report from the Bureau of Labour Statistics about this field of engineering is enough to clear any doubt you may have.

The thing is in the next couple of years, more oil and gas companies may likely double their exploration activities and seek a more cost-effective way of carrying out their drilling operations. So, more engineers particularly those in this field will be needed. What petroleum engineers earn is also a bit higher than other engineering professions too.

  1. Environmental engineering

Another engineering field that prospective engineering students should be considering is environmental engineering. This field has an excellent outlook and decent compensation too. Also, the nature of the job environmental engineers do is quite interesting.

However, as concerns about the environment continue to grow, there is a high possibility that many organizations will step up their interest in environmental engineers. With that, it will be much easier for them to operate without breaking any environmental law laid down by the federal government.

  1. Mechanical engineering

Another engineering field regarded as one of the broadest and oldest is mechanical engineering. It also has good job prospects and work-related activities that are quite interesting.

However, some of the specializations of this field of engineering include nanotechnology, robotics, combustion, transport system, and manufacturing. And, if you are interested in creating innovations and designs for artificial intelligence and sustainable energy, then mechanical engineering will be an ideal choice for you.


These are the top engineering specialties that are quite interesting. They have a great job prospect, and the nature of the jobs they do also make them more exciting. However, have in mind that engineering jobs requires strength and can sometimes be a bit stressful. But if you have the passion for the work you are doing, things will be as easy as finding essays for sale.