Things To Do To Crack JEE Advanced Exam Like A Pro

For the IIT aspirants getting a seat in one of the 23 IITs in the country is a lifetime goal. JEE advanced is the only way to obtain the seat. IIT JEE exams require in-depth and concept based knowledge in the application level. Students have to know their strength and weakness in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry and have to prepare according to their level of knowledge.

Things To Do To Crack JEE Advanced

IIT JEE exam demands lots of hard work together with smart work to succeed. Concentrate on topics that are mentioned in the syllabus and gain brief knowledge on that. Time management is the key to smartly attempt the questions in a particular time frame. Let’s look into some of the key elements that you should keep in mind while preparing for JEE.

  • Select the best and contentful study material for your preparation which is according to the syllabus.
  • “Planning is the key to success.” Hence plan your study time for each subject.
  • Have a good practice of the NCERT solutions and NCERT Exemplar problems that deal from basic to advance level questions along with answers.
  • Have a “YOU CAN WIN” attitude while starting to prepare and in the course of preparation.
  • Have knowledge about tricks and techniques to solve JEE advanced exam paper.
  • Analyze the level of difficulty in each subject faced by you and make preparations accordingly.
  • Have keynotes and important points noted in one place, so that you can refer whenever required?
  • Do not skip or ignore any topic.
  • Attempt the question only if you are confident. Since JEE advanced allots negative marking for the wrong answer.
  • Revise and Re-revise for more efficiency and to brush up your knowledge.
  • Have a cool mind and never be overconfident while giving your IIT JEE Just be confident.

Now let us look the subjectwise preparation and the concepts to be well-versed:


  • Always refer the NCERT books along with other main reference books.
  • Keep your basics strong
  • Learn formulas completely
  • Concentrate on scoring topics
  • Have a complete hold on the derivation of the formulas
  • Mainly focus on topics like Wave Optics, Modern Physics, Thermodynamics, Alternating Current, Sound waves.


  • Gain clarity on the topics that are tough.
  • Formulas must be thoroughly practiced.
  • Learn the shortcuts for better time management.
  • Solve as much sample paper as you can.
  • Take up the mock exams for gaining confidence and knowing your level of solving.


  • Have complete knowledge of the formulas and equations.
  • Make note of important processes with reactions.
  • The practice is the key to chemistry.
  • Know the mechanisms of each process.
  • Give importance to organic chemistry.

Give more importance to the subject you feel tough and for the concept based questions. Concept-based learning helps you to solve the application level problems.

Wishing that you come out of flying colors in JEE advanced exams!!