5 Simple Tips To Increase Sales By Digital Marketing And Social Media

Simple Tips To Increase Sales By Digital Marketing And Social Media

Social media is not only a dynamic tool for worldwide communication, but it also helps to revolutionise any business into a live being that can engage, attract, and interact with consumers. It is one of the best strategies for creating a buzz. Furthermore, it is one of the most influential and low-cost digital marketing services that has been proven to be useful for any product, brand or company to reach their clientele and drive traffic while generating sales and leads. To get better acquainted with digital marketing, you can check out various digital marketing courses.

Social media use, especially on mobile phone apps, continues to increase without limitations of gender, age, or ethnicity. According to a report by Pew Research Center, 88% of adults ages 18 to 29 living in the US use social networking sites while online.


To gain benefit from an active online presence, it’s time for digital marketers and sellers to become social-savvy and step-up their online selling potential to boost sales.

Here are five simple tips to increase sales by digital marketing and social media.

Select The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

The chances are that your prospective audience has a preferred social media platform that they spend the majority of their time on. For instance, if you’re using social media to kindle people’s interest in your clothing brand, chances are you won’t be getting a lot of business on LinkedIn.


In June 2017, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder reported that Facebook reached 2.01 billion users, and they will reach 2.3 billion active monthly users (approximately) by the end of 2018. Facebook makes it effortless to cross-share information to other social media networks such as Instagram, which again increases the reach of each post.

By keeping and maintaining an active presence on social media networks that your audience likes, you can spread brand awareness, which leads to more prospects who can move into your optimised online sales funnel. Marketers can start by maintaining a regular and well-curated presence on 2-3 platforms that align most with their audience.

Share Relevant Content Daily

One great technique to increase sales is by keeping the users engaged with gripping content. Share interesting yet useful content with your audience on social media so that they visit your social media profiles for more quality content. Provide valuable content to your consumers on different social media platforms to increase the traffic and get more users to visit your page. It will produce more loyal consumers to your site and ultimately increase sales. Analyse the topics that are currently trending in your industry by utilising various tools before generating content to get the attention. It should be unique and creative as well as comprise some essential takeaways to get a positive response and establish long-term relationships.


Visual content like videos or photos is the most successful digital marketing strategy at acquiring attention to engage, promote, and get new customers. Good knowledge of what is attractive, appropriate, and in-demand for your consumers is a crucial advantage against competitors. Your content can turn a guest visitor into a potential consumer if you share relevant content on a daily basis.

Maintain A Professional Online Brand

For optimal sales, your brand should aim to maintain a good online presence. All this comes down to the type of content that you share with your followers, the regularity of branding through social media accounts, and the way you engage with your audience. To keep an efficient, professional presence throughout your social media networks, engage with your audience, take time every day to view follower comments, and reply to each comment or question that needs an answer. Segments of your accounts that need to be filled out with information about your brand and contact information should be up-to-date. If a prospective buyer wants to get in touch with you but has the wrong number when they call, the chances are that they will find another page offering similar products and unfollow you.

In-Channel Purchase Options

Social commerce and social selling can be a proficient way to increase sales. According to a Forbes report, companies that used social commerce outsold their competitors by 78% and closed profitable deals on social media. This is the reason why having in-channel purchase option is vital to increase sales. Various social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter have already authorised instant purchase option. Use this feature to give in-channel purchase and direct any interested shopper straight to the website’s service/product page for instantaneous checkout.

Be Responsive And Provide Sales Support With Native Chat

Also known as conversational e-commerce, native chatting is using the direct messaging services within each social network to customise, automate, and personalise your interaction. With higher engagement and retention rates, these applications have instantly become the go-to selections for consumers who want to connect directly with businesses. Thus, if you’re not using chat applications to automate confirmations and selling, you’re losing an immense social e-commerce opportunity. However, it is best to use automated chat applications like Facebook Messenger with caution. Reason being that it is too easy to cross over from the human side of conversational commerce to the inhuman. For example, using native chat for obvious marketing (as if it’s the coolest and newest email list) is a definite no-no.

Online businesses and brands need to understand that their targeted audience is not only interested in promotional content, but also want to reach out to a ‘name’ they know for a service or a product. A proactive social media technique will strengthen your digital marketing strategy, and with the best practices, you can effortlessly attract your social media followers to buy from you and increase your sales.