Selecting a Good College for BBA – 10 Points to Remember

After completing your final school examination with flying colors, a whole new world awaits you along with umpteen options to choose from for your graduation majors.

If you have managed to select the course which will be able to provide you broader career prospects in the future, then you are at your luck!


Good College for BBA

But even after you have decided WHAT you want to study, the next most puzzling decision is going to be WHERE you want to get admission.

Always remember no matter how enriching and interesting a particular course is, pursuing it from a quality institute that is equipped with high-end infrastructure, facilities and not to forget, faculties will help you achieve your career goals.

If your passion is to set up and run your own business in the future, then starting off with a BBA program will be the perfect path.


Good College for BBA

A Bachelor’s degree in business Administration is one of the most sought-after courses, all thanks to its never-ending future prospects.

In case you are wondering, how amidst the plethora of BBA colleges, you will manage to choose the right one and look forward to taking admission in it, then here are 10 points you should remember:

  1. Brand name

While hunting out the best from the lot, the first and the primary option you should check for is the brand name. See if the college is founded by a leading group and then only you will be able to speculate about campus placements, infrastructure, and facilities.

BML Munjal University is established by the leading group of automobiles the Hero Motor Group. Not only this, but the University is also granted by the University Grants Commission.

  1. Mentorship program

How would you rank a college which is mentored by a top International College? The Imperial College Of London mentors all the courses conducted over here so that Indian students could also have a chance to seek a world-class learning experience.

Imperial College Of London is a 109 old university and goes back to history for all the right reasons. In this very year, 2019, the Imperial College has been rewarded a rank of 109 in the QS World University Rankings.

  1. Curriculum

Since you have surpassed your school years, it is to be kept in mind that all graduation colleges offer distinct curriculum and BML Munjal University is exceptional in this case at least. But what makes BML exceptional is the way the curriculum of the Course of BBA is designed.

The curriculum has been created by experts with the intention of imparting innovative learning experience to the students.

Under the influence of Imperial College, the basics of I-value principles have been inputted into the program so that the impacts are prolonged with the aid of a highly interactive process of inquire-inspire-impact.

  1. Industrial connections

The experimental learning coupled with immersion opportunities provides every student with benefits that would be very much useful in the real world.

Sponsored and powered by Hero Motor Group, it is well exposed to all the industrial connections of the leading motor group.

The curriculum infused with experimental learning experience guarantees mandatory and graded internships with the industry giants.

The entire process is also known as the Practice School Program also involves interacting with the experts of various professional fields.

The learning imbibed in the minds of the students from the first year itself ensures that they manage to apply the skills required in their career.

  1. International Exposure

As mentioned before, the academic partner of BML Munjal University is none other than the famous Imperial College of London.

Apart from extracting the enriching educational facilities from the international college, BML also has tie-ups with other global universities.

Top universities like Singapore Management University, Carlton University, Kent State University and the University Of California, Berkley.

These universities go out of their way so to ensure that the learning experience at BML Munjal University matches them in terms of infrastructure and learning methods.

  1. Faculties

You might know that faculties are another principal component which helps you to access the quality of a college.

The faculty team of BMU comprises of teachers having Ph.D. degrees, and amongst them, the majority has even completed their doctorate courses from top universities in abroad.

Also, some visiting faculties from other countries like Japan and the US are invited over here to interact with the students.

  1. Location

Contrary to popular belief, if a college is located in the heart of the city, the students would not be at an advantage.

But if the college is located at a secluded location, cut away from the vibrancy of the world, students can have the chance of putting their 100% efforts into the course without any distraction.

It is for this reason that BML Munjal University has been built in a distraction-free environment loaded with greenery so to create the ideal environment for learning.

  1. High standard laboratories

The institution is well ahead of its peers because all the labs within its premises are fully facilitated and consist of advanced technology.

Because when popular IT giants like Siemens, Intel, IBM collaborates together, the end product is nothing less than extraordinary.

  1. Specializations and placements

It might come as a surprise to many, but this University offers specialized BBA courses like BBA In family business and Entrepreneurship and BBA in business Analytics so that the students get the chance of pursuing their passions and interests.

After completion of the course, the students can either work on real-life projects of companies like Siemens, SHELL and Axis bank, etc or choose to prepare for the MBA exams as it is the best way to deliver contentment to your career.

  • Facilities

How enriching the course may be in terms of faculty and placements; if the facilities are not up to the mark, students simply lose interest. Two gymnasiums, air-conditioned hostel towers, rich library, and a ton of eateries within the campus are available so that the students can be happy and content while giving their 100 % into studies.