School of Medicine, St. George’s University

Established by an act of Grenada’s Parliament, St. George’s University (SGU) is a private international university in West Indies. It is located in Grenada. It was founded in 1976. It offers degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, the health sciences, nursing, business, and arts and sciences. The classes in the school of medicine started in 1977. Undergraduate programs such as MBBS were added in 1996. It is one of the topmost universities in West Indies and is regarded highly all around the globe. Many students from around the globe apply for various courses in St. George’s University. It has over 20,000 graduates so far, working in various fields of medicine and business in many parts of the world. The university has another program in the United Kingdom which has also had a lot of success. The MD courses in Northumbria, UK is taught at Northumbria University in London.

School of Medicine, St. George’s University

Since its creation in 1977, St. George’s University has evolved into a top international education facility. It has faculty and students from over 140 countries worldwide. The university’s courses are accredited and approved by many governing authorities. The medical courses offered by the school of medicine are recognized in many countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Ireland etc. Set in Grenada, the campus is known for accepting students from a wide variety of campus. The students are exposed to different cultures from around the world.

The university has a True Blue Campus, set in a peninsula at the southwest corner of Grenada. It has beautiful architecture and infrastructure. The campus has expanded a lot since its conception to meet the needs of the students and to provide them with the latest technology. SGU is the first private medical school in the Caribbean and was the first university to be affiliated to New York Hospital for clinical training. Over 67% of the students of the university are US citizens and the other 33% are international students, speaking to the diversity of the university. 2% of the total students in the university are Indians and the university has gained a lot of traction among Indian students in the past decade.

St. George's University

The school of medicine in St. George’s University has the highest number of students with a total of over 6,000 students enrolling in various medical courses every year. The university campus is home to a total of nine colleges, each catering to different fields in medicine and business. The School of Medicine awards master’s degrees in many fields such as public health, microbiology, etc. and also has a PhD program. It has its own director, support staff, academic advisors, faculty and learning strategies. The school of medicine acts as an independent body most of the time but is bound to the St. George’s principles.

School of Medicine in St. George’s University offers a wide variety of courses in its MD program. The courses vary in length and scope. It offers MD program of durations 4 years, 5 years, 6 years and 7 years. In addition to those, there are many other courses in the medical field. The MD programs in the school of medicine have a lot of demand and are applied to by many students from around the world. With state of the art equipment and ties with top colleges from around the world, the school of medicine offers a one of its kind educational experiences to its students, ensuring that they have a great career in the area of their interest.

In the Caribbean, St. George’s University has a lot of responsibilities including creating able doctors and medical professionals. The school of medicine’s responsibility is to do exactly that. The MD programs are offered both at the campus in Grenada and also in the UK at Northumbria University. There are over 50 medical schools in the Caribbean today and St. George’s University still offers one of the best quality education among them. St. George’s University’s Medical School is the oldest private medical institution in the Caribbean. The school of medicine pays over 100 million USD to hospitals worldwide to accept their students. It is one of the largest contributors of doctors in the US residencies for the last eight years. The school of medicine has always been a great medical college for students from all over the world and continues to be the best in the Caribbean.