5 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions are Enough for Class 10 Board Exams

When it comes to preparing for the class 10th board exam, the majority of the students waste their time searching for the right study material. As such, many of them end up choosing the wrong reference books which hamper the quality of their exam preparation and leads to failure. As a matter of fact, most of the questions in class 10 exam are based on the NCERT textbook and the topics explained therein. Therefore, reading NCERT textbooks and its solutions should be more than enough to score good marks in the exam.

Why NCERT Solutions are Enough for Class 10 Board Exams


By reading NCERT solutions, students can easily solve difficult exercises given in the NCERT textbook. Also, one can use textbook solutions for self-assessing their exam preparation and for mastering the basic techniques required to solve a particular problem. Moreover, if you read your NCERT textbook solutions properly, you would need any other extra study material for the board exams.

Importance of Class 10 Maths NCERT Solutions

Here are the top 5 reasons which exactly suggest why NCERT Solutions are enough for Board Exam preparation?

Concepts are explained properly

In class 10 board exam, students are required to answer questions in a proper way while explaining the points properly. Also, the answer should be conceptually correct. So, this can be done only if you have prepared for the exam by breaking down the concepts in detail. For this purpose, NCERT solutions for subjects like Science, Geography and English play an important role. NCERT textbook solutions are extremely popular among the students and teachers alike due to their conceptual clarity. So, students can always refer to NCERT solutions for a class to prepare for the exam effectively and score good marks henceforth.


Offers a number of problems to practice

To score excellent marks in class 10 Maths and Science exam, you should make sure to practice the good number of questions from different topics. However, you would not be able to succeed if your practising questions of similar nature from your class textbook. Therefore, in order to improve your questions solving skills, you must practice a variety of Maths and Science questions of difficult nature. For this purpose, you can refer to NCERT Exemplars problems and its solutions.

NCERT Exemplars give students a perfect opportunity to practice a good number of complex problems for practice purpose. By practicing questions of complex nature on syllabus topics, you can develop your aptitude and question solving speed. Moreover, it will help you to tackle difficult questions in the exam with ease and solve them quickly for scoring better marks overall.

Best for the CBSE Board exams

If you go through the previous year papers of CBSE class 10, you will find that majority of the questions in the exam are asked from NCERT textbooks. In fact, almost every question in Maths and Science paper is directly or indirectly asked from the NCERT textbook. However, it is important that you do not mug up the entire textbook without understanding the concepts. You should approach each topic with a proper strategy and take help of NCERT solutions to understand the concepts thoroughly.


Once, you have finished the entire syllabus, make sure to revise each topic rigorously with the help of NCERT solutions. This way, it will get easier for you to clear your doubts and prepare each topic of the subject like Science and Maths thoroughly. Hence, will definitely be able to better your exam performance and score excellent marks overall.

Proper classification of the topics

In NCERT Solutions, the topics are classified in a proper manner and are explained step-by-step. Since topics are solved in a hierarchy, it fosters easy understanding and systematic learning of the difficult topics. Due to the methodical approach of the explanation, one can learn the topics in quick time. Moreover, as solutions follow easy language, important topics in Maths and Social Science can be revised quickly to brush up the knowledge. Handy as they, by relying on CBSE class 10 NCERT textbook solutions, you can without much hassle score excellent marks in your board exam.

Follows the CBSE curriculum strictly

This is probably another one of the most popular reasons why NCERT textbooks and its solutions prove to be of great help to the students of class 10. These solutions comprise of solved exercises given in the textbook which strictly adheres to the CBSE curriculum. Since the NCERT textbooks are based on the CBSE curriculum, they prove to be quite sufficient for board exam preparation. Moreover, the CBSE class 10 question paper is also set according to the syllabus that is prescribed for the NCERT which makes NCERT Class 10 Maths solutions even more useful. So, by preparing for the board exam with the help of NCERT solutions, you can definitely improve your performance in the exam and score excellent marks.

Final Words

The NCERT solutions have been an extremely important study resource for students looking to score good marks in the exam. However, if you want to score well in your class 10th board exam, make sure you first finish your NCERT textbook and then refer to its solutions if you are not able to solve a particular question or problem.