PTE Test Guide: General Tips to Consider for Final Prep

PTE Academic is an international computer-based English language proficiency test. This test evaluates test takers on the basis of their ability to perform in various task-based questions. Most of the real-life activities demand a combination of language skills, like for example listening to a lecture and taking notes. To serve this purpose, this test evaluates a candidate on 20 different tasks which are all combinations of skills. The test is divided into three main parts and lasts for approximately three hours. For each of these parts, there are a few general strategies that you need to apply to score high:PTE Test Guide

Speaking Section:

1.  Before beginning to answer the test, adjust the volume of the headphones so that neither the audio hurts your ears nor the voices of those around you distract you.


2.  Check your speaking speed and volume. Speaking at low speed or volume or vice-versa is not recommended. Also, don’t try to imitate any accent as that appears unnatural.

3.  While speaking if you miss on something or commit a minor error, there is no need to correct or repeat yourself. Just carry on as usual.

4.  If there is no sound for 3 seconds, the recorder gets ‘off,’ so it’s important to keep speaking even if it’s only to make a sound or buy time. You may use the fillers, such as “I firmly believe that …” ; “No, I would say …”


5.  Keep a check on time. Stay aware of the “Next” button so that you know where you need to click after you complete your answer. This way you will be able to spare even a second from getting wasted. These all can be covered under PTE Mock Test.

Writing Section:

1.      Practice increasing your typing speed. Practice regularly in a word processor with autocorrect and spell-check turned off.

2. Use cut, copy and paste buttons freely.


3. Keep some spare time to revise and edit your writings, so that you may check for the typo errors or other silly mistakes.

4.  Stay careful about punctuation.

5.  Word count is available at the bottom of the screen; keep a check on it and stick to the word limit.

6.  Plan your write up in advance to make it more presentable and to increase your speed of writing.

Reading Section:

1.   Try figuring out the purpose and key point(s) of the passage.

2.  Look for the keywords that contain the essence of the question or passage.

3.  To figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words, try to relate them with the context.

4.  Stay aware of the number of items left unanswered. This is mentioned below the time remaining.

Listening Section:

1. Go with the flow of the recording.

2. Keep in mind that the recording is played only once.

3. For each PTE question, you may adjust the volume using the control bar.

Above mentioned are a few general tips for PTE Academic test. In order to implement these and have an in-depth view of each section, you may attempt a few PTE Academic practice tests. This will not only let you know which tips work for you but also help you find out your weak areas.