Popular Courses to Pursue in Belarus for Indian Students [Latest 2019 List] 

There are so many foreign destinations out there that are ready to offer some of the best courses for your professional leap. While you might be looking at the prospectus of colleges here, a country named Belarus is on the list of being a suitable destination that offers some classic courses for students from all over the world. While the options are many and so are the opportunities, students coming from India practically get to receive some benefits, some of them being the following:

Popular Courses to Pursue in Belarus

  • The education system, as well as the quality here, is excellent. The institutions have the right infrastructure along with the right faculty too.
  • There are various fields of study that you can take up here. Along with MBBS and even other medicinal courses, there are business schools, art schools, language labs, etc.
  • The tuition fee of Belarus in relation to most of the institutions is very less in comparison to some of the European countries.
  • Even the working, as well as the educational environment here,e is considered to be suitable and that is what makes the country hospitable.
  • The opportunities are endless and this brings in greater suitability as well.
  • Most of the admission requirements here do not require any TOEFL score.
  • You can get a visa to Belarus easily and without any hassle.

Some of the most popular courses that you can take up in Belarus:

Popular Courses to Pursue in Belarus for Indian


Although there aren’t any disadvantages of studying mainstream courses in the country, some of the most popular ones that are well received by all students happen to be the following:

  • MBBS-

MBBS in Belarus is practically one of the best options that you can opt for. Seeing the well-developed infrastructure along with the scope here, you can get in touch with the faculty members and have a great learning experience here. Since there are lots of medical schools here, you must check the suitable one according to your requirements. With that, you can give the test and make yourself a part of one of the colleges in Belarus.

  • Business management-

The area of business management is very well developed in Belarus. The institutions call forth more than 1000 foreign students each month, who enroll themselves because of the opportunities that glance back at them. Along with the two year MBA course here, you can take up diploma as well as certificate courses in business administration as well. You can check with the prospectus of the institutions in order to understand which course is suitable.

  • Economics-

If you are keenly interested in studying economics and you are looking for a cheap foreign destination, then it has to be Belarus. With some of the fine economics schools that cater to the needs of the students, there are various programs you can take up here along with making way for better objectives in higher studies as well. The teachers have all the knowledge to help and guide you and therefore, you are even entitled to placement opportunities as well if you happen to have good grades.

  • Law-

The need to study law comes with a lot of benefits and Belarus is exactly one of the best destinations to take up the subject. There are various law courses offered and the structure of the courses is different, in terms of its professionalism. Each course has both practical as well as theory sessions, allowing you to practice the course so that you can be ready for the type of work that would be doing in the future. Thus, the colleges here have their annual entrance exams held and you can check in with the admission form and fill it so that you can stand a chance to be a part of the Law school at Belarus.

  • Fashion designing-

If you love fashion and want to pursue it as a career, then Belarus might be the place you want to take admission in. Each of the fashion schools here has huge scholarship programs and you can take up one in order to fulfill your dream of being in the industry.


Therefore, in tuning in to one of the above courses, make sure that you go through the prospectus of the colleges here before you finalize on the admission process. Also, most of the campus live in institutions are pretty pleasant and you are going to love the calm studying atmosphere around.