5 Must-Have Apps to Enhance Your GPA

Your GPA is much more than a reflection of your performance in high school and college – it significantly influences your future job prospects and general success in life. You may believe that your GPA doesn’t define who you are, but the sad truth is that the world around you largely thinks otherwise. Therefore, any help you can get to improve it is welcome. In this article, you will find a number of smartphone apps that can make boosting your GPA a much easier job than you could think.

5 Must-Have Apps to Enhance Your GPA

Apps to Enhance Your GPA



How good you are at learning is based to a large extent on how good you are at taking and organizing your notes. Evernote is one of the most popular and most multi-functional apps dealing with this task out there, and it shows. It is much more than just an easy way to jot down things you want to remember later. It allows you to record lectures, share your notes with others with a single tap, synchronize your notes across multiple devices… In other words, it takes all the hassle and difficulty from note-taking, giving you an opportunity to reap all the benefits.


You can solve urgent academic tasks by contacting an advanced writing service and asking for their help. But this approach won’t help during an exam – you still have to learn the material by yourself. And although students have been pulling all-nighters trying to cram everything they didn’t learn across the previous term into a single night of frenetic studying, statistics show that memory just doesn’t work this way. You are almost guaranteed to forget what you’ve learned today by tomorrow. In order to truly memorize new information, you have to apply the principle of spaced repetition. Of course, you can create your own system of flashcards, but why waste time on it when there is such thing as Anki, an app that takes all the tedious and mechanical work upon itself?


Do you suffer from poor self-organization? Is it a common occasion for you to remember there is an important piece of homework due tomorrow morning when you are just getting ready to go to sleep? If so, consider downloading iHomework – an app that will prevent you from ever forgetting about your assignments ever again. Set alarms for the times when something is due and for the times when you intend to complete each task and the app will do the rest.



Learning doesn’t have to be hard and dreary. It is in your power to make it fun, engaging and, what’s more important, more effective than mechanically memorizing stuff. Quizlet can help you in this endeavor – it offers literally millions of educational modules dedicated to everything from English literature to nuclear physics, presented in an easy-to-grasp, intuitive form. Either use quizzes, tests, and other educational tools prepared by other participants or create your own module tailored specifically to your needs.

Grades 3

Grades 3 is the ultimate app for students who want to control everything about their studies. It contains many usual features: a planner to organize your class hours, group studies and due dates, reminders, notes, and so on. The unique feature of the app, however, is this: with its help, you can define the grades you have to get on particular tests and exams to receive grades you want for particular classes. There is also a GPA calculator that allows you to do the same with GPA in general – now you can approach your studies strategically and see beforehand which subjects you should put most time and effort in.

We hope that these apps will help you with your learning endeavors next year!