How to Prepare UPSC Exam? Complete Guide

Most students aspiring to become IAS officers are confused about when and how to prepare for UPSC exam. Since the Civil Services exam is not a child’s play and is the toughest competitive exam in the country, you cannot crack it without a strong strategy. Let us give you some guidance in this article, to crack one of the most difficult examinations in the world, preparation of at least one and a half years is necessary. By the way, there are many such examples that in the preparation of six months, the civil services exam was cracked. By the way, there is a slight chance that you will crack it in the first attempt. By the way, it would be better that students should choose their interesting subject in graduation. This will help a lot in the Mains exam.

Preparation Method-

There are two ways of preparation. In one way you prepare for pre as well as mains and in one focus only on pre.


Preparing for pre-sense For candidates who have a year or more, this is the strategy. Such candidates should give at least three months of their first time to optional subjects and the next five months to general studies. After this, the remaining five months should be given to the prelims. A mock test should be practiced in the last five months. But keep an eye on current affairs throughout the year. The advantage of this strategy is that the candidates get sufficient time for preparation and revision. Apart from this, they can also find out their shortcomings and correct them.

Pre Preparation First This is for candidates who have limited time. Such candidates should first focus on pre with current affairs. After pre, the focus should be on menus.

How to Prepare UPSC Exam


Understanding of Syllabus-

To clear the exam, understanding of syllabus is very important. If you can understand syllabus properly, then only you will be able to make a strong strategy.

Book Selection-

Start collecting great books for every subject. Students of Hindi medium can collect books in Hindi. The NCERT books from class 6th to 12th are considered as holy books for the preparation of the examination of civil services. This is necessary to strengthen the foundation.

Newspaper Reading-

To cover current affairs related to every subject, read the newspaper.


Read the Magazines-

Apart from newspapers, regularly study magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra and Frontline.

Writing Practice-

Practice writing answers to previous year questions. Set a deadline for each question and practice as much as possible to improve writing skills.

Analysis of Question Papers-

With the help of last year question papers, you will get an idea about the questions.

Mock Tests and Interpretation-

You will do continuous mock tests, you will be able to know your level of preparation.

First Choice of Optional-

Soon decide your optional paper and start preparing for this exam. This will not put additional pressure on the mains.

Government Website-

Some government websites are quite useful. They will get information related to the recent policy.