How I Started My Business & Earned 5000 Per Day Without Investment

Hello, Guys, this is Sameer, today I m sharing my Personal Life Complete Experience, My upward and Downfall Complete List. Here I also tell you which no one ever Disclose How to Earn Money Online and Make a Profitable Blog. I m Just Sharing this Experience Because I Know Lots of you searching for the Government Jobs and waste lots of years only to crack this examination. I didn’t say it is wrong to get a 9 to 5 Government Jobs and secure your life but. To my dear Readers, I was wondering where I should begin with, and guess what, it was worthwhile looking back at my previous self and experiencing what I am now. Nothing extraordinary, yet, seeing myself as a successful entrepreneur. Like many blogging enthusiasts, I can proudly say I have come this far amidst ups and downs that I am able to share this with my readers and future bloggers How to Make Money Online for Free.

How It Began


How to Make Money Online Without Investment

Like I said, nothing extraordinary, all simple; and as an individual, I do believe every story is worth sharing. I was born and raised in a small town of Uttar Pradesh, completed my schooling and higher education. And as a teenager, I always had a knack of browsing through this and that of everything that caught my eye. Hobby turning into the passion, I put my deep interest in the blogging stuff later. But how to get started was a major concern for me How to Make Money Online for Free.

Initial Career Planning

I had no dream other than searching for a safe and secure 9 to 5 job and sit relaxed at the end of the day and Make Money Online Fast. Ha Ha… as many of the readers are still dreaming of. Sadly, or more luckily, I was paid for several years running after competitive exams and aiming to crack at least one exam. I must say, nothing is wasted, and all those years, I learned too many things in the past.


My First Job:

With nothing new, but knowledge and research on blogging, I got placed at a local company where I had to put strenuous efforts to make it workable. Salary wasn’t enough but time was enough to keep me on its side. Hence, optimizing skills in Search Engine Optimisation was apparently opening new windows of opportunity for me. After working for many years, I had to leave my first workplace (obviously, the same old story, low salary) in search of How to Make Money Online For Students.

Ideas to Efforts:


How to Make Money Online for Beginners

Combination of Experience and skills can take you to another height of success, undoubtedly. I began with nothing but a small career and academics blog. Hard to believe, with an old lousy laptop. Being grown in a middle-class family does keep your hands tied, after all.

Years and years of work and a spirit to not give up led me here today which I am happiest about. What I vaguely suggest you is to just hold a strand to start with. And once you do it, never let it go; until you reach the depth of your area of interest. Struggles were there, and so were my family to motivate me.

how to make money online for Beginners

With no assistance from experts or friends, there were times when I decided to give up countless times. But, there was something inside that kept invoking me to try harder and devote more time to your search and passion. That’s an undeniable fact there are people who would rarely help you in the world of blogging. Sand it is so common to hear “Don’t do it, there is no earnable profit in it”, or “it’s a wastage of time”, or “look for a job”. But I knew what to do. So here I am introducing myself to you as a successful blogger being a part of the blogging industry.

You have to step on the first level of a ladder in order to reach the top. All you need to make sure is to never look down and keep climbing and get to know  How to make Money online with Surveys.

Lessons I Learnt

How to make online Without Paying Anything

There will be many hurdles you will have to jump and many times you’ll be shattered by them. “What Matters is How Well You Walk Through Fire”: Charles Bukowski. If I start with struggles, there is a whole lot to recap with, However bad it was, each one made me stronger and a keen learner. This is what the past prepares you for. There will times when you seek help but there is none to answer the moment you knock for help.

Present to Future:

You can’t predict what future holds for you, but you can hold what you have in present. This is what a successful entrepreneur will tell you. Self-guidance and reliance are the keys to help me take my passion from a Career and Academics blog to Successful and thriving projects in Finance and Insurance Sector. Once, there was a quarterly or even half-yearly income, now I am proud to say that my current projects help to stand on my own that I have been able to put my investment in building myself and my cozy home.

For Future Bloggers:

How to make Money online with Surveys

Curiosity is a great attribute of us humans, this is what directed your attention here. As for future bloggers, opportunities are endless, keep learning and never put your skills in a box due to failures. You’ll fail again and again, but never stops, do hit the bottom, but do make a stand, and this time, better. All I have to say is, keep your strategy clear and rely on your skills. If you have that caliber, success would surely be yours. Meanwhile, I would be gladly assisting my fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs whenever I am asked for help. Thank you for your patience and time to visit and hope You know How to Make Money Online for Beginners.