How to get bank jobs after 12th – Easy Tips & Guide

Banking is one of the sectors where a person from almost any field and skill can opt for. This is the reason why banking in India is one of the most sought out career options with a stress-free lifestyle. The banking sector has several branches and several opportunities, and many other advantages like a relaxed environment, high pay scale, less work stress.

How to get bank jobs after 12th Advantages 

  • The jobs in this sector provide job security. You won’t get fired easily unless and until you don’t do anything illegal or against the rules.
  • The pay is excellent in this field. You also get bonuses and allowances like transport etc. which depends upon the company and your position in the bank.
  • The people have a relaxed and stress-free environment. It also provides holidays for all of the government holidays and public festivals.
  • There is also a friendly learning environment about the policies and other financial schemes offered to the individuals.

How to get bank jobs after 12th


Many people are confused with several questions like how to get a job, how to enter into such fields, and how to progress in this particular field, how would their higher education contribute to this. The standard way to get into this sector for everyone is by writing exams. There are common exams which are approved mainly by all of the banks. Some banks prefer their exams.

Each exam has its pattern and its style of setting the question paper.

IBPS exam for clerk:

This exam is for those who have already completed their graduation course. The exam will land you a clerk job. Clerk jobs include :

  • Performing clerical and administrative duties in an office setting.
  • Answering phones with utmost respect and hospitality
  • Greeting clients
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Assists executive assistants and secretaries by sorting mail.
  • Restocking supply.

 The IBPS exams for Probation Officer:

IBPS conducts exams for various posts in various banks, and the probationary officer is one of the posts which any gradient prefers to opt. There are many other advantages of this exam, one of which includes a good post in the banking sector.

Regional Rural Bank Exam :

Some people opt to start at the assistant level or officer’s grade post. They can fulfill those career objectives by writing the IBPS exam.


The IBPS exam for Special Officer:

IBPS opens the gateway to posts like special officers for those students who have completed their graduation as well as post-graduation level of education. Students from any field can apply to this exam.

Reserve Bank of India:

The Reserve Bank of India has its own exam and recruitment process. This exam is deemed to be one of the toughest banking exams, so you will need a lot of preparation for it. The perks you enjoy after getting qualified is on the next level. Many of the students prefer the IBPS exam due to its lesser difficulty standards.

State Bank of India:

SBI is one of the largest and leading banking corporations in India. With over 1000 branches and offices, it has perks which are on its level. Be it a salary, bonuses, or easy work-life, SBI offers the best.

The cutoff marks will be decided based on the paper and the applicants.

Other than these exams there are several private Banks for which the people can apply. They too have almost the same eligibility criteria and have a few other qualifications. However, Bank jobs in the government sector have a better pay scale, more perks, and peace of mind.

Courses related to banking

Degree courses in banking:

  • BBA in banking and finance
  • BBA in banking
  • Com in banking and finance
  • Com in banking management
  • Com in banking and insurance
  • Com (Hons) in banking and insurance
  • Sc in banking and finance
  • MBA in Banking and Taxation
  • MBA in banking and finance
  • Com in banking management
  • Com in banking and insurance management
  • Com in banking, finance and risk management
  • Sc in banking and finance
  • D. in banking and finance
  • Masters in banking, finance, and insurance

Diploma course in Banking: 

  • Advanced Diploma courses in Banking Services
  • Diploma in banking and finance
  • Diploma in banking and insurance
  • Diploma in banking and insurance management
  • Advanced Diploma in Urban co-operative Banking
  • Diploma in banking law
  • Diploma in banking management
  • Diploma in home loan advising
  • Diploma in banking services
  • Postgraduate diploma in bank management
  • Postgraduate diploma in banking
  • Postgraduate diploma in banking and financial management
  • Postgraduate diploma in development and investment banking
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance