How To Download Flipkart App For Pc- Best Tips

A loyal Flipkart user?

Well, me too.


Who’s there who is still not aware of this huge e-commerce site? In India it considered the top most one. The definition of the online shopping has been fully changed after the launch of the Flipkart in the market.

It is something a different experience to shop form Flipkart, right?

Flipkart believes in going forward

With the time, many challenges have come over. But Flipkart was successful to overcome all of them with time. They promise us better shopping experience in multiple ways out.


Sometimes the technical issue comes in between this happiness and the customer while using the website. In spite of using the official website through the web browser, it faces few limitations. Especially they are dominating while being used at windows PC.

So what can we do?

We can only settle down with the right way. Instead of using the app on the small screen smart phone, there are ways to enjoy them at laptops and PC. As we download the app on our smart phones, similar tasks can be done for the PC or the laptop too.


What happened with the previous version?

It’s not the first time. Earlier there was also an app o Flipkart which was meant for the windows 8, 8.1 and 10. But that was not so much popular.

  • The version was having a buggy user interface. Well, that’s not accepted at all
  • Goes on and on- the loading time. It was very slow.
  • Limited features in an unlimited offering site.

And all these broke down the entire thing and made Flipkart to think in new way. But changes were made to keep on the hope of the users and let them experience a new shopping.

Here today I will share the best way to download the version of the Flipkart for the windows in PC and laptop.

Technical details of the app

First let us have a look at the technical details of the app:

  • Name of the app: Flipkart App Download for PC
  • File size: 11MB
  • Author: Flipkart
  • Category: E-commerce shopping
  • Requirement: windows, laptop, Bluestack emulator.
  • Where can you find it: Google play store

Already this app has been downloaded 1 crore + numbers.

So can you imagine how much people love it and want to have it with them? Literally, Flipkart can be your all time shop and a good companion too.

Let’s download it and get with you too.

Let us first download the emulator for android

Step wise guide given for simple download and installation:

  • You have to get the internet connection to download the app. We will be downloading the android full version app for the PC and laptop. So third party application is essential to get the Flipkart app.
  • You have to do it from the web browser. So open the browser that you are using in your laptop or PC.
  • To download it from the official website, types the Bluestack address emulator in the address bar.
  • This would take you to the bluestack home page. Here you have to download it and then wait for the download to finish. There is an option bluestack download. Click at that button.
  • Run the software and install it in the local drive.
  • After the installation completes, you have it launch the software. Launch the bluestacks software.
  • It is essential to finish the tutorial. You will learn a lot of things

Now come to the Flipkart app

After this is being done, now we will be able to download the android version of the Flipkart app.

  • Open the Google play store
  • Type for the Flipkart app in the search bar. You have to provide the Gmail address for the other details of the android platform.
  • Install the Flipkart app from the Google play store.
  • Let the installation completes and you will get the app on your PC or laptop.
  • Now you will get all the Flipkart app features which you have wanted for such a long time.

Now use the app to find the best products online. Also avail the opportunity of the no cost EMI. It also gives you the Buyback guarantee scheme and the smart buy scheme    . You can put on the notification and get the offers that are announced periodically. After you get the app there is no issue using the app?

Features offered for the app users

Moreover it is not that lacking interface windows version. It’s the android version and you get all of them. Even you can use the various payment options which was not available before- credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI enabled PhonePe or the EMI. In case you want to buy anything in future, save it and wait for a high discount on that same product.How To Download Flipkart App For Pc

So it offers you a lot of features within seconds. There is no more issue that you can complain about it now.

How Flipkart has brought the change

Flipkart has changed the online shopping experience. Most of the people love to shop form this retailers. While shopping if you find any technical problems, it becomes worrying. So to reduce the worry and get back only to shopping, this article has been shared. People can follow this step in order to download the file and get it on their PC and laptops. We ensure that the technical faults would be removed and you would enjoy the deals with the shopping site. There are few deals which are offered only for the app users. So get them now.


Now wrapping up the article, we would also tell you that we are always with you. If you find any issue while downloading the emulator or the app, we can help you. Therefore share the issue with everyone. You can easily get the solution and get the app.

Let’s give it try and surely you would be able to get the success. This would bring in a new aspect of getting the shopping. We know people would love to use it and they would surely get the app for them now.

We hope that this article has helped you a lot.