How to crack RRB ALP exam: Preparations, Tricks and Tips

How to crack RRB ALP exam

The government of each nation has the responsibility to create adequate job opportunities for the youth. If unemployment increases, the overall prosperity and financial stability of the country will collapse. Owing to the vast population of India, the central and the state governments find it hard to offer adequate openings in the public sector. Thus, the competition is rather high. Apart from the banking sector, if there is any department attracts educated youth, then it has to be the Indian Railways. Each year, the RRB or the Railway Recruitment Board invites applications for recruitment. This year too, the official notification of employment in Assistant Loco Pilot posts has been announced. This time, around 26, 502 candidates will be selected. Here are some questions that each candidate must ask himself/herself for a better preparation.

Do you know the examination pattern?

Most candidates fail to see why so many experts and RRB ALP toppers place this preparation trick at the top of the list. The logic is simple – if you have enough knowledge about the route, then you will never get lost mid-way. There are no doubts that all government examinations test the overall aptitude of the applicants. But one must also remember that each exam follows a different pattern. If you have your heart set on cracking this Railways exam, then you need to invest some time to understand the exam pattern.


The written test included two stages. Stage 1 has questions on general math, reasoning, GI, current affair awareness, and general science. The paper has 75 questions, and candidates get 60 minutes to finish it. Stage 2 is divided into two parts. Part A has questions on GI, math, GK, general science & engineering, and general awareness. The applicants need to finish 100 questions in 90 minutes. Part B has questions on relevant trade. This part has 75 questions, which must be completed within 60 minutes. These details will help in preparation and time management.

Do you know the syllabus well?

If you think that knowing the examination pattern is enough, then you are making a mistake. Once you tackle this, you must turn your attention towards the syllabus. Yes! The list is huge, and that makes it all the more important to memorize. It will allow the candidates to identify his/her weak and strong points. They will also attain an idea about the difficulty level, scores for each part, and allotted time. These will come in handy during the actual RRB ALP preparation.

Have you gone through last years’ questions?

Online and offline coaching classes will provide study materials, and guidance to solve the questions. But the candidates must put in 100% effort. Once you have prepared around 50% of the syllabus, it is time to bring out the previous years’ quotation papers. These will offer vital pointers about the question patterns. Solving these will also assist in time management. Apart from this, the more papers you answer; the better will be your chances of getting common problems.


Are you confident about time management?

Reading books and notes teach you nothing about time management. Several candidates think that they need not take written mock tests. If they know the question, they will be able to solve them with ample time for revision. Once you sit with a mock test paper, you will get the real picture. You will not get all common questions, which you have practiced over and over during preparation. It is then that you will realize that managing time is not a “piece of cake” affair. Practice and strategizing will sharpen your time management skills. Once you feel confident about time management, you can expect to answer all questions.

Are you working on accuracy and speed?

Answering 100 questions within 90 minutes is not a matter of joke. It might sound easy but is not. It is here that you speed and accuracy skills will come to the forefront. To crack the RRB ALP examination successfully, candidates must attain a balance between speed and accuracy. Speed will allow the applicant to finish one problem, and jump to the other. But it is not how many questions you attempt, but how many you have answered correctly that matters. Along with speed, one must possess the power of accuracy. In case you give a wrong answer, 1/3 marks will be deducted. It will take a severe toll on your total score. The candidates must keep calm, and maintain a steady pace from the start. It will provide enough time for revision as well.

Why online practice a must?

Earlier, all competitive exams were conducted offline. But with the advancement of technology, offline mode is slowly being replaced by online techniques. Answering questions on a computer are different from the traditional “pen-and-paper” mode. It makes online practice tests a must. It will be difficult for a beginner to tackle the nitty-gritty of online exam, and manage time simultaneously. The only way to prevent this is by investing time in online practice and mock tests. It will provide candidates with a real feel of the exam hall. Working on the computer will also eliminate your reservations and fears.


Stay positive and maintain a healthy lifestyle

The RRB ALP post aspirants must be both mentally and physically sound. The selected candidates will have to go through an eye and physical fitness tests. If they fail to make the cut, then they will not be offered the final appointment letter. So, make sure that you only harbor positive thoughts. It will not only keep your mind calm but will also do well for the body. Another way to stay at the top of your health is by consuming good and nutritious food.

The salary scale, promotion opportunities, and perks are very lucrative. The fact that the central government manages it is another plus point. Let these be your driving force, and start your preparation as soon as possible.