How to choose important topics from a newspaper for IAS

When it comes in terms of IAS, the first remarkable thing that relates to it is none other than newspapers. Yes! If you are an IAS aspirant and want to get through it well, then you are just a newspaper away.

As we come to know the importance of newspapers in IAS exams, it is important to note that only a few relevant current affairs topics need to be covered. In other words, you only need to cover the essential topics holding reasonable relevance to the IAS. You do not have to read the entire sections of the newspaper. Getting updated with the current affairs is one of the primary motives of reading a newspaper. The relevance of current affairs on the topics of the national, regional, political and economical part is important for the preparation of IAS.


Choice of Newspapers

Before we discuss the critical topics to be covered from the newspaper, we must know the right choice of selecting the right newspaper, which would provide the news in a more convenient way. As of the preparation of IAS, it involves a vast syllabus to cover, including current affairs, which is considered hard to prepare. It might not always be easy to go with the conveyance of reading newspapers in such a hectic schedule. Thus to consolidate with the worry of preparing the current affairs part, you must go for the most accessible source of news, which is brief as well as provides useful and to the point information.


The best-recognised newspapers for the preparation of civil services are The Hindu. It is one of the overrated newspapers and is frequently accessed by the IAS aspirants. So it is suggested to go with this newspaper daily to deal with the part of current affairs in a convenient way.


Important Topics to choose from Newspaper

Once you come across the right choice of newspaper, do not wait any longer to start with the preparation as you need to cover a huge part since you are a beginner. Dealing with the news article, it requires a considerable level of patience. In such a scenario, you are more likely to lose interest in the initial days.

Thus it is essential to formulate the time management as per your overall preparation under which the current affairs part fits well. Some of the important topics of current affairs are required to cover are:

  • Polity: One of the major topics of current affairs is political affairs. There is a number of happenings around each day which makes it cover the major part of the news articles. Under this topic, you must put more emphasis on the issue rather than news. The key points to keep in mind while going through the polity part in news reading are entirely based on the Indian constitution consisting of parts covering the historical background of the constitution, list of articles, parts of Indian constitution, schedules of Indian constitution etc., and also various aspects of centre-state relations in accordance with the current affairs is important


  • National news: Here, parliamentary debates, jurisdiction consisting high court verdict, the supreme court verdict, government policies, new reforms and terms regarding the establishment and dissolution of government bodies are the key highlights to be read thoroughly.


  • International affairs: International affairs part holds about 20 per cent of the contents of IAS questions. To be on a safer zone, it is advisable to cover at least the most relevant parts on this topic, namely International groups, treaties and conventions. You must also jot down the terms of major global groups like UNSC, WTO and World Bank.


  • Currents affairs in Science and Technology: The relevant portion to note under this topic is the current development that are taking place in science and technology. It includes topics like achievements of ISRO and defence ministry. You must also jot down the key points covering the topics of new PLSV satellites and guided missiles system.


  • Economy news section: Here you need to put great attention properly on the rate of economic development till date, the impact of economic policies and its effects as well as RBI’s policy initiatives and significant policy changes. Business sections under the head of financial news are also relevant. Under this head, go through the matters of employment growth, demographic dividends, and various fiscal policies. You must also give focus on the particular topics related to Sensex, GST, Repo Rates and more.

These topics will surely do the needful in the preparation of current affairs through the newspaper, provided to implement a strategical way of learning through it. The purpose of reading newspapers is not merely just reading but to gain the maximum amount of information to the best of your mental capacity. It may consume the maximum of your time, but regularity pertained with attention would surely help in retention. So it’s time to pull your socks up and get ready to update yourself with the best relevant news feeds at your fingertips.