How to build a successful career in SCRUM


The Agile certifications and frameworks have gained a top-notch position when it comes to the field of project management. The Scrum is one of the most versatile methodologies that fall under the umbrella of Agile framework. It involves the method to revolutionize the project management and bring out a more effective organization with far better results as compared to the conventional method.To know more about Scrum Master Certification please visit StarAgile site.

However the agile framework is seen as a tool only for IT professionals and in software development, but this is not the case. The scrum technology can be deployed in military establishments to have an effective logistics department, in universities to deliver the projects in an efficient way, in storehouses to have a haphazard free inventory storage path and in many more areas. So developing your skill as a Scrum master opens dozens of the gate for your career to thrive and flourish in varied ways.


Why build a career as a scrum master-

  • A Promising job– In the ongoing scenario, international reports have mentioned scrum master as the 10th most promising job right now. So getting certified and diving into the pool of agile technology, one can enhance his job prospects as well as increase its value for future prospects as well.


  • Good Salary Prospect– The monetary part of anyone’s job must go hand in hand with the increasing skill part. The career of scrum master provides a balance between the two and enables a higher monetary prospect as you climb the ladder of maturity and experience.


  • Adventurous challenges– Being a scrum master will provide you to face challenges which are more rigorous and unknown. Hence it increases your capability and allows you to rack your brain by giving you the opportunity to face the challenge and with the right skill you will easily be able to deal with them.


  • Be a mentor- Scrum master career will help you to act as a mentor for the whole Now instead of being a traditional boss, you will jump to the side where you are more of the mentor. This technique has proved quite effective in many industries and has provided wonderful results later on in terms of work management as well as people management.


  • Be a learner- Most of the job’s make you bossy but scrum master is a job of such a type which ensures you always have a cloak of the learner It makes you learn many things at every step of software development or project management.


  • Undermines hierarchy- The agile methodology when once deployed in the company, then all the hierarchy previously existing is flushed down the drain and a new level of organisation is developed where each and every team member holds the same position and concentrates on his own goal and effective working method. Scrum master ensures that this principle is being followed and helps as a facilitator to ensure the same.

Some essential attributes to be a scrum master-

  • Move away from the role of Project managers- The role of traditional project manager has become almost redundant with the advent of the agile So they must upgrade their skill and move towards being certified as a scrum master.
  • A Novel way of leadership- When you once step into the world of SCRUM, no one is a boss and no one is a servant. In this new framework, the hierarchy does not exist. Everyone has its own role which they have to commit to with full dedication. A scrum master is a mere facilitator who helps each member of the team to achieve the assigned roles. He is a mentor, a friend and a guide.


  • Get certified- To be a scrum master you need the soft skills as discussed above but the most important feature is getting certified in the same. Many certifications are available which include CSM, PSM, Scrum Alliance certifications and many more.

Career growth prospects of a Scrum master-

  • Be a senior scrum master- However, this is no official post but some companies have established this post for the professionals who have substantial experience in agile methodology and have served as a scrum master for quite a time. This growth opportunity provides the scrum master to become a mentor for other scrum masters working in various fields. He is like an evangelist who teaches the varied scrum facilitators their role and helps improve the face of the organisation.
  • Scaling scrum- These are one another growth prospect available to a scrum master. However, to move to a scaling scrum role, the scrum master must ensure that he has a proper certification like Scaled Agile or discipline agile framework certifications. The role of scaling scrum is to coordinate between multiple teams, help them integrate and achieve objects on time. It must be kept in mind that a scaling scrum must be well aware of the customer’s feedback so that he can give the direction to the multiple teams accordingly.
  • Product owner- A scrum master can also work as a product owner. Though this opportunity is not a career progression up the ladder, it’s more of the horizontal movement in the ladder of career. This is an entirely different role which makes a scrum master open to having a switch in career to the less stressful role under the same umbrella of agile methodology.
  • Agile Coach- This is the highest step in the career ladder of the agile framework when you have become adept enough to reach the stage of coaching others how to effectively implement the agile technology. There are many certifications available to be an agile coach. To become an agile coach you also need a requisite experience as a scrum master along with the certifications.

The role of the scrum master has many professional and personal advantages. It is one of the most leading professions in the IT industry, software development and many other sectors of the economy. Being a scrum master provides you with a rewarding career path and also gives you an opportunity to keep yourself updated and an opportunity to keep learning and growing.