How do NCERT books help in competitive exam preparation?

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), was established on 1st September 1961 with the agenda to prepare and publish model textbooks, supplementary material, undertake, promote and coordinate research in areas related to school education, print journals and newsletters, and experimentation of innovative ideas and practice. The autonomous organization of the Government has its headquarters located at Sri Aurobindo Marg in New Delhi.

The NCERT was established with the objective to create a system of education, which will improve the thought and attention of the learners and promote value education in India. Along with the development and training activities, NCERT carries out exchange programmes with other countries in the field of school education. The motto of NCERT is written in Sanskrit meaning life eternal through learning.’ The logo of the organization has three connected swans symbolizing the three aspects of NCERT –

  1. Research and Development
  2. Training
  3. Extension

With the aim of building a qualitative educational system, NCERT develops and publishes NCERT textbooks. It develops multimedia digital material and teacher-learning kits. NCERT published textbooks are prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from classes 1-12. Not only that, but the textbooks published by NCERT are also recommended for various competitive examinations like NEET, UPSC etc.

How NCERT Books can help in a competitive exam?

The syllabus of NCERT books is planned by well-known educationalists and educational experts. It is executed in a way that it starts from the basics and then dives deep into the topic, making it smooth for one’s age to grasp the content. In every chapter, exercises are provided with, that act as a thorough representation of a chapter. It helps to have knowledge of a particular topic. The exercises help one to see through what they have learned and missed out.

The NCERT books are published by professionals after intensive analysis and research. The information, facts and numeric value gathered are without error and can never mislead one. These books help in explaining the theoretical concepts in particular. The transparency of elemental conception and strong fundamentals play a crucial role in the clearing of any competitive examination.


Penned in straightforward and simple to understand language, NCERT books have appropriate explanations for all the concepts that benefit one to build up their awareness and enhance their perceptions. NCERT books are well-formulated books, with step by step details. The books are uncomplicated and efficient. The questions and examples covered in NCERT books cover all important aspects of the syllabus of a competitive exam. Sometimes, questions in the exam paper are straightly taken from NCERT books or an uncomplicated example of the book can come as a tricky question in the examination. Most of the competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, UPSC follow NCERT books for setting questions of the exam.

Marks secured by any student depends upon their preparation and performance during the examination. By reading NCERT books, one’s basics become strong, which helps big in the time of answering questions. Numerical questions in exams are also taken from the NCERT syllabus or follow a similar pattern.

Choosing the right source of preparation

The major problem which students might face during the preparation of an exam is to choose the right source for preparation. They are often found wasting their time deciding the right option. To avoid stress and score well, students must refer to NCERT books, that’s highly praised by both top scholars and experts.


They claim that no competitive examination can be cracked without having referred to NCERT books as they contain standard questions. There are fewer questions in NCERT books when comparison comes with other books but they are constructed to cover the syllabus of the exam. Many publishers have launched several books for the preparation of competitive exams. It’s hard for aspirants to choose books that are most appropriate and useful for them when the market is replete with so many books from different sources. NCERT books are published by the authorities under the government of India. Aspirants know the importance of the selection of the right study material for the preparation of competitive examinations. Choice of right study material is the secret of success in any competitive examination. This is one of the crucial reasons why aspirants trust NCERT books for the preparation of competitive examinations. NCERT books are considered as Bible for students preparing for competitive examinations.

NCERT books are timely revised by a well-qualified panel of subject experts to revise them and keep them free from any mistake. In competitive examinations, accuracy is necessary and even a minor mistake during the exam or interview can keep you away from cracking the exam. It’s recommended to prepare for these examinations from government trusted books. These books can be found both in English and Hindi language, making it easier for the students to understand the language. The books have basic knowledge of a subject in a simplified language. The chapters in these books are composed in easy to difficult way, step by step. When the aspirants start reading a chapter, they get introduced with the basic concepts first followed by the detailed structure of the chapter. Aspirants are well aware of the fact that the syllabus of competitive examination is vast. Hence, to crack any competitive exam, aspirants must have the perfect knowledge of the subject and NCERT books offer that.