Five mistakes you should avoid while preparing for JEE Main and Advance

There are a vast number of students who failed to succeed in the exam, due to certain silly mistakes during their JEE preparation.

Here given below a list of some common mistakes which a maximum number of students committed in the past.


Ignoring the basics:

Students while preparing for JEE MAIN frequently make their preparations identical in studying with a comprehensive mixture of reference books and study material.

But in reality, more than 70% of the questions in JEE MAIN will be either from the NCERT or are a protracted version of its learnings.

Students for their preparation for JEE MAIN or Advance should mainly stick to NCERT course books and head in the direction of reference books only upon its completion.


Likewise, Class XI syllabus establishes a substantial portion of the JEE Main exam. Confirm that you reread its topics concurrently along with your Class XII syllabus. If a JEE MAIN exam is fast-approaching, know the repeated Class XI questions from preceding year’s question papers and exactly revise those topics.

Avoiding abstract understanding:

It has been detected that students desire method-based technique rather than smearing a conceptual understanding of the questions.
Firstly, this tactic might serve the purpose, but it can become fairly detrimental for students, then many times, in spite of being framed on similar lines, the somewhat off-patterned question becomes difficult to realize during JEE MAIN or Advance. So, it is always impervious to apply concepts in each and every topic that you prepare.

Falling into tricks:

When students prepare similar questions too frequently, they grow a tendency to recognize and answer them as per their self-interpretation.


Multiple Choice Questions in JEE MAIN and Advance are often enclosed in a deceptive manner. Make sure that you read and know the questions correctly before trying them. As they are added with improper answers, failing to do so will outcome in negative marking for a question that you might have easily solved, because according to the making scheme of JEE MAIN and Advance, the exam has negative marking.

And also avoid silly errors. After executing well in mock tests and run through papers, the students, to a certain degree will become arrogant and overconfident. Which leads to uncaring mistakes and wasting of a considerable amount of time in rechecking calculations.

Do not misplace your focus while cracking a question in the first place during JEE MAIN. This will benefit you to guarantee that the solution has been modified at each and every step. Moreover, during an examination, students tend to escape lengthy questions in fear of losing vital time. Conflicting to this popular belief, the lengthy text questions are often easier to solve. So, do not disregard or give a false step.

Giving up hobbies:

In an effort of giving their complete care towards the JEE MAIN exam, students end up leaving their hobbies and indulging in everyday activities. Under taking that leads to decrease the enthusiasm, pressure up the brain, and reduction of efficiency, thus resulting in a nonexistence performance.

Avoid making your preparations unwieldy. You will be able to hold and retain more information by preserving a stress-free mind.Beside, engaging yourself in physical actions will enable you to keep up a healthy existence, which is very vital during preparations for the JEE MAIN or Advance. Students must try and register themselves in performance-enhancing actions such as yoga, meditation, or everything that outfits them better.

Doubting oneself:

This perhaps is the biggest mistake that students make throughout the preparation. Giving area to doubts directly rises unwillingness and leads to an absence of confidence. Believe yourself and your skills. Grow a positive mindset. To do so, implement a goal concerned with strategy, which will be a strong key for cracking  JEE  Advance.

For students, those who are not able to deal with this problem must set long-term goals primarily. Though, this movement should not be done through the last 15 days earlier to the examination.

The Final Countdown:

Students putting a lot of energy during their initial preparations for JEE MAIN exam will frequently lose their examination tactics. This pattern is additionally dominant in self-studying students who have no guide.

As a result, their performances drop harshly. This also raises theoretical doubts later and makes time management very problematic during the final week of the preparation for JEE MAIN. Finishing syllabus previously in time is not an objective of achievement. Students must continually practice in order to increase maintenance and improve their skill set in terms of speed and accuracy in a calculation which is very important in JEE MAIN and advanced.