Necessities of modern life: Fluent English

With the changing times, one must change their ways to ensure a better lifestyle. Now, in today’s world, language is considered a parameter to measure a person’s personality. For a person to have any make kind of accomplishments in life, English has become that parameter. Everything and anything that requires effort also require English now.

Considered as a universal language, English has become the basic necessity of modern life. The most basic jobs, discussions, documentation work, etc.are done in English. Irrespective of the location and requirement, English has taken over as the most spoken language all over the world. However, one country is still trying to make its way into the English-speaking world.


India and the worldwide spoken language

With the modernization happening everywhere, the need for language transformation has occurred too. As a country where the mother tongue is prevalent over all the other languages, India is striving to get modernized. As per a recent study, India is on its way towards becoming the second-largest English speaking nation in the world. Interestingly, there have been a lot of advancements. With its rapid development on the infrastructural front, India is leading the way towards breaking language barriers.

Today, most of the mass communication in India happens in both Hindi and English. Right from the primary education itself, the language is being given attention. 80% of the school curriculum is written in English now. Even in the employment sector, including government and private jobs, proper communication skills, and proficiency in English are growing essential.


Also, in our daily lives, the usage of the English language has increased in the past decade or so. This is helping us understand more of the foreign culture, and teach them about ours in return. English is more than a mode of communication now. It is becoming the way to a better future, spreading global awareness on social norms, technological advancements, and cultural heritage.

English is the connecting bridge, and India is halfway through to cross over to the other side.

English speaking classes in Pune

Regarded as the modern city of Maharashtra, Pune is evolving as a hub for the younger generation. With some of the best schools and colleges available in the town, a need for specialized training centers is surging. Institutes offering English speaking classes in Pune are also getting special consideration. Presently, a high number of students and job seekers are applying for such courses.


Classes starting at beginner level to expert level are helping students become the masters of the language. Not just that, these classes are encouraging people to try new careers, speak at public forums, and get better jobs. With its increasing popularity, more of these institutions are opening up in Pune.

With a faculty of language experts, superb infrastructure, and several workshops and clubs to motivate people, these institutes are helping in many ways.

About Cedarwood

One such institute offering an incredible platform to teach children in new ways is Cedarwood. With specialized learning experience, a team of experts is helping children enhance their communication skills, learning abilities, and interests in a variety of skills.

With a range of training modules and extracurricular activity clubs, Cedarwood is the future of after-school learning for the young ones. Reading clubs, drama, and theatrics, public speaking clubs, speech enhancement clubs, etc. are some of the critical parts of Cedarwood’s curriculum.

Commonly known for its exceptional methodologies, Cedarwood Afterschool Program is an integral part of Cedarwood’s reputation among other institutions in Pune. Working with the motto ‘creating the leaders of tomorrow with the skill set of 21st-century’, Cedarwood is the one-stop solution for your kid’s after-school learning.

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