Discover These Tips for Asking for a Raise

For most of us, it is not easy to walk into the boss’s office and ask for a pay raise or a promotion. That is why we need some tried and tested ways and inspiration from those who had the same problem but changed it.

The biggest problem is that you have it in your head, but the moment you walk into that office, it is all gone. In this article, we look at some tips on asking for that well-deserved pay raise.


You must look out for yourself, so you must make your boss aware of your value to the company. See how you can do that easily without being chased out of the office.

Discover These Tips for Asking for a Raise

Avoid Emotions

When you walk into your boss’s office and devise an emotional approach, this weakness will be exploited. If you walk in and start crying because you were overlooked, it will be used to explain why.


Stay calm, and do not try to manipulate your manager or boss’s emotions to get what you want. You will also be much more respected if you provide reasonable explanations for why you deserve a raise.

Do not use opinions but negotiate with facts, like how valuable you are for the company and where you saved them money.

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Stay On Facts

As mentioned before, these facts should focus on how you saved the company money and time. You should arm yourself with information you can use to convince them of your worth to the company.

Be careful not to use your information and facts in accusations; this will antagonize them and see it as an attack. To give yourself a confidence boost, make a list of the achievements you had while working for the company.

Use anything you can to negotiate with your boss on why it is time for a raise and how the company will benefit from it.

You Deserve It

Do not seem needy when you ask for a raise like your rent went up or you had to take the cat to the vet. It must be an approach to what you deserve; you deserve a raise or a promotion to increase your value.

You should also discreetly explain to them with facts that you are worth the higher salary you will earn. The manager will first examine the budget to see where he can save money, not spend more.

Most managers and bosses will appreciate a straightforward conversation about your worth in your attempt to persuade them.

If you are starting a new job, here are some tips to get you started on the right foot so you can ask for a raise when the time comes.

Exude Confidence

To persuade your boss to give you a pay raise, you need to be confident and know your facts without hesitation. If you walk into that office to ask for a raise, you can not sit there with a mouth full of teeth and speak out.

Sitting there, stuttering over your words, and coming up with incomplete sentences will eat you up and spit out the bones. The business world is not a place for people without a backbone, so they expect you also to have it.

You should not allow anyone to confidently walk over you and counter negative responses; that is why you should know your facts.

Be Clear About What You Want

When you walk into your manager’s office, you must clarify why you are there; do not beat around the bush. Your manager will not appreciate you wasting his time with small talk; get to the point and tell him you want a raise.

Do not be afraid. All bosses will initially respond negatively to your request for a salary raise. But you need to take a stand and be straightforward about your intentions so they will see you are serious.

See the following website for more tips on asking for a raise, or look at this YouTube video on how to ask, according to a CEO.

Discover These Tips for Asking for a Raise


These are only a few tips to add to the normal things so you can calm your nerves before you ask for a raise. If you have your facts straight, you will feel better about yourself, and you will not forget why you are there.