Different Job Prospects In Mauritius

Different Job Prospects In Mauritius

In recent years there is tremendous growth in the Tourism industry in Mauritius. It generates over 11% directly and 25% indirectly of the country’s total GDP.  Mauritius has great job prospects for job hunters. Apart from tourism, there are many areas where one can get the job like banking, accounting, marketing, IT, business consulting and architecture. A few decades ago, sugarcane was one of the major industry and many people were employed in it but now there is some decline in this industry but still, it makes up to 25% of total income from exports. Hence, you can opt for this industry if you are in search of a job.Different Job Prospects In Mauritius

Today, in Mauritius 8% of total population is engaged in agriculture and fishing and textile industry is another major contributor to the total economy. You can join any of these professions and earn good amount of money. The actuarial analyst is a job position which has an attractive package but anyone opting for this job must be fully qualified actuaries as they have to manage the team involved in life and non-life insurance and reinsurance undertakings. This kind of job openings is generally brought out by the international financial service provider who is specialized in pension and insurance.


In Mauritius, there is high demand for technical architect job as it has very attractive salary package. The architect will be responsible for developing and detailing a company’s future IT platform. The main role of this job position is to support the company’s strategy by developing the IT platform of the company and at the same time, they have to balance the business value. SharePoint developer is another job prospect for youngsters who have technical knowledge, skills, and expertise in developing the SharePoint. The salary package for this job is equally attractive.

A job of a senior compliance is required to meet the responsibility of reporting the head of compliance. They will have to build a reputation for developing, maintaining and updating the company’s policies and compliance manual. One can even choose to become head of product development. The head of product development is responsible for leading the product development team. The company’ growth strategy and execution completely depend on the head of the team. They will be even responsible for all development activities in Mauritius. These are few examples of job prospects in Mauritius. You can choose any among them and have a bright future.