Catch the fun & learning with ‘Summer School Program’ by inlingua

Learning a foreign language can be great asset to your child’s cognitive process. And what better time than the summer vacation?

Summer school program by inlingua New Delhi includes courses in French and German language for children. The institute follows an interesting teaching approach where fun and learning goes hand-in-hand.


Pursuing a foreign language course comes with its own set of benefits, especially for children. They improve their brain functionality, challenging them to recognise, comprehend the meaning, and communicate it in a different language. Learning new language also makes children better observers. They tend to spot the things that are irrelevant or deceptive easily.

Summer School and Language Prep

Summer school for kids by inlingua New Delhi is not just limited to courses in foreign languages. It also includes other interesting programs based on the concept of fun and learning.

The course ‘English for Kids’ at inlingua New Delhi is more like a ‘fun camp’ for children. It is based on interesting activities like board games, picture dictionary games, presentations and role plays to encourage children to speak freely. The fee for the course is Rs 4,800, with a sibling discount of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 off on three students.


All the courses in inlingua’s Summer school for kids can be customised as per the individual needs of the students. They cover all the key aspects of a language — Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills. The courses are designed in a way to enhance the language fluency of children and help them learn a new language at an early age.

Add-ons and Value

The institute conducts various activities and sessions to help students in implementing the skills they learn simultaneously. A special team of skilled instructors and language trainers aid children in the learning process. Language-centred and general interest topics are used to make them comfortable with English phrases, which are commonly used in day-to-day situations. Children are made to study in small and friendly groups to make them understand the importance of team-work.

Summer School program by inlingua New Delhi is not limited to kids. The institute also offers a tailor-made English course for parents, since it believes that age shouldn’t be a barrier in learning. With Rs 2,400 as the fee, the course is divided into 12-hour classes. Also, a certification is provided to all the candidates upon completing the course from inlingua New Delhi.


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