Learn How to Apply for Entry Level Landscape Architecture Jobs

Outdoor spaces and parks are important in many different ways. Having a nice place to unwind from the stress and anxiety of the hectic world we all live in is amazing. 

Maybe that is why you decide to go to college and study landscape architecture. After years of school and hours of studying, you have finally walked down that aisle and got that degree, and now the next hurdle is finding a job.


So how do you apply for an entry-level landscape architecture job? In this quick guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the application process and some other key information. 

Learn How to Apply for Entry Level Landscape Architecture Jobs

Types of Landscape Architecture Jobs

The first step is to decide on the job you are looking for in this field. There are two primary positions that often are available for entry-level applicants

Of course, they are easier to obtain if you have had an internship prior to your graduation, so consider including this fact on your resume.



This position is the person who does the actual blueprints and leads the project from beginning to end. 

Graphic Designer

This position is one that uses computer software to create the 3D mockups and other visual elements for the landscape architecture project

On top of that, the landscape graphic designer also may work on advertisements and other visual components of the project. 


What Do They Do?

Understanding what you will be responsible for is the next step in landing that entry-level job. Both positions will have similar duties. You will meet with the clients, engineers, and other individuals who will be key to the project completion. 

Once this is done, you will then craft the plans and the budgets. Now that is all done, it is time to choose all the materials and then start the project. You will be responsible for making sure the project comes in on budget and on time. 

Salary Potential

The most nerve-racking part of the application process will be when you get to the salary negotiations. Depending on the client, the salary of the position may vary greatly. 

However, entry-level positions tend to range in the area of $40K to $50K. This is without much experience. If, however, you took the opportunity while in school to rack up some experience, then you may be able to up that by $10K.

Qualities That Help

Part of the application process is having a good resume or CV. So make sure when crafting one that you understand the key qualities that most clients or firms will be looking for in a landscape architect. Here are a few of those skills.

  • Analytical – Understanding the inner workings of the systems that you will be using is key to the process.
  • Communication – You will be talking and dealing with many people, so clearly and concisely communicating will make the proves smoother.
  • Creativity – Creating beautiful landscapes will take a good deal of creativity.
  • Visualization – You have to be able to bring a client’s vision to life.
  • Problem-solving – Things will come up, and being able to think on your feet will help move the process along. 

Having a combination of all these should make the process of finding that entry-level job much easier.  

Finding An Entry Level Position

There are a lot of aces that you may be able to find jobs. You can, of course, check sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. These sites or sites like them will give you a good starting place. 

You can also head out to conferences or even just hit up social media and set up an ad for your services. On top of that, having a good website, if you are trying to work on building a freelance business, is a great idea. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to join a firm, the best option will be to use those online job boards. You may also be able to reach out to local unions and other industry organizations to help you find jobs in your area. 

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Learn How to Apply for Entry Level Landscape Architecture Jobs


Good luck with your job hunt. Hopefully, the information we have laid out above has helped you feel more prepared for what you will be facing during the process.