Yelp Careers – How to Get a Job with Yelp

Yelp is not only everyone’s go-to crowd-sourced review platform, but it has also gathered accolades as a great employer. A seemingly fun work environment, and great company culture has job seekers knocking down the doors.

With a strong global presence and diverse roles in an assortment of fields, there’s something for everyone at Yelp Inc. Whether you are a tenacious engineer, an enthusiastic marketer, or an accountant, Yelp will have something for you.  


Already interested, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explore some of the career options at Yelp, and also outline requirements, remunerations, and application processes for each. 

Yelp Careers - How to Get a Job with Yelp


Inside Sales Representative 

Inside Sales Representatives (ISR) work directly with local businesses to help them make the best use of Yelp’s advertising programs and achieve their goals. The job is supported by a virtual team and the flexibility of a remote workplace. 


The sales job is to sell advertising space on Yelp to small businesses and success is measured by reaching the monthly sales goals. 

So, written and verbal communication skills and networking abilities are assessed, in addition to a candidate’s knowledge of the CRM platform Salesforce.

Basic requirements for Yelp’s ISR position are a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of 2 years experience in a customer-facing job. The base salary for this role is $30,000, but there is scope for extra income through uncapped commissions. 


The application procedure is simple as you can simply apply through the company website

Staff Accountant

Staff Accountants at Yelp are in charge of managing financial accounting for the company’s worldwide operations. The basic requirements for this role include a relevant bachelor’s degree.

You will also need a minimum of 2 years of experience in a related accounting position, and a strong grasp of Microsoft Word and Excel skills. 

It is a bonus if candidates know how to use the Oracle accounting system. A team-oriented and confident attitude may help one land this job. 

Aspiring Yelp accountants can apply for this job on the official website and various other job portals such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Accountants earn an average annual salary of $40,000 at Yelp. 

Data Scientist

Data scientists at Yelp, along with their team, perform various analyses, build models, and design experiments that impact businesses and Yelp users. 

Candidates applying for this position must have a degree and a minimum of 3 years of experience as a data scientist.  Alternatively, they can have a master’s degree or Ph. D. and over 2 years of experience in a quantitative role. 

In addition to a solid understanding of statistical inference, experimental design, and analysis, a data scientist is expected to have a good grasp of SQL and Python, or R for analysis. 

A skillful candidate can earn an average annual salary of $155,516. While the online application procedure is simple, one must pass a few selection hurdles before landing this job. 

Community Manager 

At Yelp, Community Managers have a really fun marketing role. Their task is to plan and execute buzz-worthy events. Ideally, these are driven, charismatic, and self-motivated individuals who have great social networks in their communities. 

To qualify, candidates must have a 4-year degree. Understandably, Yelp looks for individuals with prior event planning, social media marketing, and guerrilla marketing experience. 

If you deem yourself fit for this role, you can apply through various online job portals such as AngelList. Yelp Community Managers can enjoy an average annual salary of  $64,960. 


Yelp Careers - How to Get a Job with Yelp


The Bottom Line

You can choose and apply to any of these career options, or you expand your selection to several other positions available at Yelp. Regardless of which role you select, a five-star career with great people, culture, and benefits await you.