Transcription jobs from home – best option for beginners

Transcribing texts from audio or video is considered to be one of the easiest online jobs, well suited to start in the remote. Actually, we will talk further about its features, pros, and cons. For those who can competently translate audio into text, transcription jobs from home will become not only an interesting hobby but also a stable source of income. All that is required of you is the ability to type quickly the text you hear. What is the essence of online transcription jobs, what skills and programs will be required and how to start earning online on transcription already today? All this you will learn in our article.

Transcription jobs from home

Transcribing audio into text is the remote transcription job, which is suitable for those people who have good literacy and are able to quickly type texts on the keyboard. The main factor influencing the number of earnings on transcription is the typing speed. Transcription jobs from home are suitable not only for those who are engaged in academic writing jobs but even for people without experience in this field. You can earn money in any convenient place, even earn money in the garage.


Transcription jobs from home

Transcription is the transformation of an audio or video recording into a printed format. We all encounter its results quite often – many publications publish news clips on the Internet in text form, training sessions, lectures are also offered by the “video plus text” block.

Transcription is of two kinds: Exact – when audio is translated word by word. Parasite words can be removed; With editing – when the language is polished in the process, it is allowed to replace words with synonyms to achieve literature and readability.


Who orders text transcription?

First of all, these are information resources, radio stations that publish their materials on the network – they hold a whole staff of experts in processing audio files or hire freelancers for one-time tasks. Training centers selling training, seminars – they constantly need to transform video (less often audio) into text, because many lectures are then offered to students in printed format.

Individuals – lecturers, teachers, there are even students who often do not have enough time to print lectures on their own. It is easier to order the transcription of the dictaphone recording of educational materials.

It happens that companies are asked to decode calls or telephone conversations to restore the details, to be able to return to the nuances or provide the management with the most detailed report.


Journalism, budget organizations (for example, courts), radio stations – in all these areas audio decryption services are in constant demand.

How to start freelance transcription jobs?

So, you decided to try on a freelance transcription job and try your hand as a beginner. Determine to start the average print speed (200-250 characters per minute is considered good), this will come in handy when discussing terms. Do not take up your first task, if there is a too-short deadline – you run the risk of not having time, and your reputation (and most importantly, your self-esteem!) may suffer.

Where to get the first orders?

You can find work on specialized websites, bulletin boards, professional services, forums, and social networks. Transcription audio into text for money on remote worksites guarantees you a safe deal, the 100% payment for work performed and ease of withdrawal of earning money.

On freelance exchanges, audio decryption is paid most often by the minute. But it happens that the cost of work on decoding audio recordings may depend on the volume of the received text document. This happens in cases of making changes to the text by changing literary speech into colloquial or vice versa, eliminating incomprehensible terms, the availability of the article for the average reader will increase significantly.

Speed ​​typing is the most important skill for achieving successful results in this area. The speed with which you type the text is directly proportional to your earnings. For experienced typesetters, the speed of transcription of the text may coincide with the speed of pronunciation of the speaker. By decoding audio recordings into text, the work can bring a decent income, if you approach the business wisely and use specialized programs that can facilitate transcribing.

Transcription of audio into text work: where to start

To convert audio to text for money, you will need:

1. Personal computer or laptop with Internet access.

2. Practical keyboard

3. Audio devices (speakers or headphones)

4. Application software

Many beginners make a serious mistake, starting their work with improvised programs. For example, open the Word and start an audio recording in the player.

Of course, you can work this way, but as experience shows, switching between windows and the constant search for the right moment takes time and work is slowing down. Accordingly, this decrease in possible profits.

There are a number of specialized transcription programs. They are easy to use, free (unless of course, you decide to buy the PRO version).

How much can you earn on text transcription?

Get rich in transcription is unlikely to succeed. The average price per minute of audio to text translation is not high, but this is on the freelance exchanges for beginners. If the sound is bad, or there is an abundance of technical or complex terms – the cost increases. The price will increase if an editorial revision is required, or to perform a “sound rewrite” – that is, to retell the recording provided in our own words. It will already cost higher. Well, if you speak a foreign language, you can qualify for amounts that are ten times larger.

As an additional income on the Internet, transcription jobs from home is a great opportunity to get a steady income at any free time. The work is easy, and it is perfect even for beginners because it does not require creativity, the only skill that is desirable in this work is fast typing. Although this skill can be acquired in just a few weeks of active training.