MBA and Engineering: Must haves

MBA and engineering: Must haves

“Life is like a box of chocolates” quotes Forest Gump sitting on a park bench to no one in particular and when he said those words he had no idea how true it all was and like a box of chocolates, life is unpredictable. It can have any situation on the poor sod that opens it up. For example, one moment you are soaring through life on wings of carefully contracted academic accomplishment and the next you’re barely able to fly(metaphorically).

This is the truth about the current education system and its many underpinnings. As the once coveted degrees of past are nothing compared to the bolster the postgraduate programmes provide. These days, having a Postgraduate degree or an engineering is crucial to the success of careers as the cocoa bean is to chocolate. As the cocoa bean is integral to the success of chocolate, the success of engineering is largely depended on the success of exams like JEE MAIN. There are exams like MU OET 2018 as well.


The current climate of the engineers in India is abysmal, from lack of opportunities to the poor salary packages that would make a management graduate smirk in contempt. “We have all the opportunities,” says the out of touch politician from the ruling party. We have to utilize their potential and…” others in sorted lip service worthy of an insincere reviewer of the latest feminist pandering movie. The country may have the opportunities, but the youth believe in brain drain than slogging through the mired bureaucracy that infests the system. The system that caters to the elite rather than the poor and eligible.

Getting a decent job without an engineering degree or postgraduate degree is tantamount to a miracle as most employers these days look for graduates who have the under graduate, engineering , post graduate’s degrees tucked under their belts. But for better arguments for the necessities of a post-graduate degree or engineering degree should be none other than the pay disparities. Look how much the one with post graduate degree or engineering degrees actually earns over his non-post grad degree brethren.

But it’s not too late for those who missed out on this seeming game changer as colleges are offering things like part time class and weekend classes for the interested and willing. Times are not like it was back 50 years ago when a degree would guarantee you a job and good pay. Today a degree will guarantee  you a job but good pay is another entirely different negotiation, so in order to succeed in the workplace one must be better or equally qualified to the rest of the people who seek the job and MBA or engineering is needed  for the appropriate step.  looking into the top MBA or engineering  colleges in India is considered to advisable. So in all  fairness the pursuit of mba and engineering should thus commences with rigor and virtue which will help those who seek to better themselves  in academia.